Sports and Television series are two of my favourite things in life and I spend an inordinate amount of time watching, reading, thinking and talking about both things. The idea is to use this blog as a way to do more writing and sharing my thoughts on Sports (Basketball, NBA, NFL, Tennis and Formula 1) and TV shows. As far as series go, I will watch almost anything except for science fiction and medieval stuff (that includes game of thrones).

I was initially going to make the blog just about basketball but I was inspired by a really good website called Grantland which doesn’t exist anymore (you can still go to the website and access all the articles and posts from when it was functional. It was more of a sports and lifestyle blog. I mainly focused on the sports bit. Eventually maybe this will grow into more than just sports and TV series (and I might have to change the name of the blog :p)

The aim is to offer my opinion on the different goings on and not just let you know the scores of the game or what show is on when.

Sit back and enjoy the journey!