NBA Trade Deadline: Recap

What a day yesterday was! Last year around the trade deadline, I sat by my computer, refreshing the hoops hype, Real GM, ESPN and just about any other NBA related pages I could find. I even remember watching Adrian Wojnarowski on some Yahoo countdown show waiting for a bomb. Last year’s deadline went down with… Continue reading NBA Trade Deadline: Recap

Dynasty: Second Look

I’ll never admit it but I probably started re-watching Dynasty to get to the episode where Jeff Colby (aka Sam Adegoke) goes to visit his dad (Hakeem Kae-Kazim) in prison and lets out a sentence in Yoruba. Of course I knew Jeff Colby was Nigerian but I didn’t think he’d speak Yoruba on the show.… Continue reading Dynasty: Second Look

While you were Sleeping, Blake Griffin was Getting Traded

I didn’t see this one coming. I was confused when I woke up this morning and I got a notification about reactions to the “Griffin Trade”. I thought huh? What Griffin is that? The last place my mind went to was Blake Griffin. Granted work hasn’t let me keep up with Basketball over the last… Continue reading While you were Sleeping, Blake Griffin was Getting Traded

What’s with the NBA Fights? Can’t we all Just get along?

This post was originally designed to call Chris Paul out on some bitch neegganess. He really irritated me the way he reportedly acted in the immediate aftermath of their loss against the clippers. Now we understand that the truth of what happened was probably very different from what was reported after the game. As Charlamagne… Continue reading What’s with the NBA Fights? Can’t we all Just get along?