NBA Trade Deadline: Recap

What a day yesterday was! Last year around the trade deadline, I sat by my computer, refreshing the hoops hype, Real GM, ESPN and just about any other NBA related pages I could find. I even remember watching Adrian Wojnarowski on some Yahoo countdown show waiting for a bomb. Last year’s deadline went down with a whimper. My blog was an infant at the time (it’s a toddler now) so I was eager for the trade deadline to give me something to dive into. Boy did I get that this year! My phone kept blowing up with notifications from the bleacher report after every new trade went down. There are so many things to get through so here’s what I’ll do. I’ll create a table showing the main trades that happened yesterday (complete with a comment section) then i’ll spend most of the rest of the post writing about the moves the Cavs made and where I think that leaves things.

Team Remarks
Cavs get: George Hill, Rodney Hood, Jordan Clarkson, Larry Nance and a Second round pick


Utah get: Derrick Rose (waived already) and Jae Crowder


Lakers get: Isaiah Thomas, Channing Frye


Kings get: Iman Shumpert, Joe Johnson


Miami get: Dwayne Wade

*Breathe* more on this below
Knicks get: Emmanuel Mudiay


Denver get: Devin Harris


Mavericks get: Dougie Mcbuckets

Why do the Knicks need Mudiay? They already have a point guard of East African origin who can’t shoot. I was all in on Mudiay when he was drafted and I agree that he needs a fresh start but I don’t think said fresh start needs to be in New York. Don’t really care about Mr. Mcbuckets and neither do I care about Mr. Harris
Pistons get: Jameer Nelson and a bag of chips


Bulls get: Cash and chewing gum. Bulls also traded for Noah Vonley

Good to see Jameer Nelson still in the NBA. He will provide valuable back up to Ish Smith while Reggie Jackson recovers
Suns get: Elfried Payton


Magic get: 2nd round draft pick

Why did the Magic give up on Payton so soon? I hate it when teams give up on young players they used to be high on. Payton is a decent playmaker and can play good defense. Apparently they need his services in Phoenix.


Now on to the Cavs business. The one thing I can say is that I like the players the Cavs got in the trade. I was high on George Hill last year but for the life of me, I cannot understand why he signed in Sacramento (Especially after they drafted De’aaron Fox). He stunk it up pretty badly in Sacramento and I hope he gets up to his Utah/Indiana level in Cleveland. Jordan Clarkson gives them something different off the bench. Hood is a good wing. Larry Nance is really similar to Tristan Thompson but whatever.

The question is did the Cavs get better? On a player by player basis, I guess you could call the new players an upgrade over the players that left. I am not really sure these new players move the needle in anyway. Like I don’t think Curry is losing sleep over these moves. This leads me to the next thing. Maybe they’re not making this move to beat the Cavs. Lebron is leaving this summer and all these new players are relatively young so they have a foundation to build in when he leaves in the summer.

Meanwhile, I feel really bad for Isaiah Thomas. I honestly thought this thing would work out when he get traded to Cleveland because I thought he was similar enough to Kyrie so he could just slip in but honestly it was an unmitigated disaster. He didn’t shoot the ball very well. His defense (which has always been bad) was atrocious. It wasn’t working out and the Cavs were stinking the place up but something had to be done. I watched a few episodes of his series on the Players Tribune last summer after he got traded and he was talking about how his kids didn’t want to leave Boston and how it was a struggle for him to lay down new roots and then boom! He’s out and off to LA.

In other news, who else feels for Derrick Rose? He’s what? 29 years old and 5 or 6 years off his MVP season and has been waived by the Utah Jazz. Meanwhile my man Joe Johnson is out there and I hope he gets bought out by the Kings and claimed by a contender or at least a playoff team. Speaking of the Kings, they waived Giorgios Papagiannis and they only drafted him 2 years ago! At least we can say the Kings are shedding cap space and hopefully they get it right in the summer.


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