Dynasty: Second Look

I’ll never admit it but I probably started re-watching Dynasty to get to the episode where Jeff Colby (aka Sam Adegoke) goes to visit his dad (Hakeem Kae-Kazim) in prison and lets out a sentence in Yoruba. Of course I knew Jeff Colby was Nigerian but I didn’t think he’d speak Yoruba on the show. Anyway as far as I was aware, the Colby’s were Atlanta born and bred so where did this Yorubaness come from? More than the fake drama, that one caught my attention.

For what it’s worth, the fake drama isn’t half bad. When I say fake drama, I’m talking about the suspense that they will probably sell to you when you see a trailer for the show. In my first review, I didn’t care about what happened in the show. Over the past week – 10 days, I have been able to watch a few episodes in a row and that “fake drama” started becoming interesting.

Most of the impressions I had in my original post still stand. It still feels like I have seen the story before. The show still feels like watching any of gossip girl, 90210, revenge, Dirty Sexy Money (remember that show?) or the OC. There are the rich people who live in fancy houses with spoilt trust fund kids. One of the rich kids usually has sympathy for “poorer” people, one rich kid is self-centred, there is the woman who has married for money and the rich man who has done one or two shady things in the past (said shady things usually come back to haunt him and he ends up going to prison maybe) then there is always a woman in the show that marries “up” a few classes to achieve social mobility.

All 4 shows I mentioned earlier have nearly all those themes. You can therefore tell why I wasn’t exactly enamoured after seeing one or two episodes of Dynasty. I’m not old enough to remember anything about the original Dynasty show so if it was going to be love at first sight, that love would have had to be based on the quality of the show and not nostalgia. Having delved deeper, there are one or two things that I am somewhat interested in which kept me going back episode after episode. The lady who married up is from Venezuela and she has her family drama (of course she left a shady past in Venezuela that is kind of catching up with her). In that sense, the show sometimes reminds me of a novella. I can tell some of the themes around that story line were lifted straight out of a novella.

I like the storyline involving the rich trust fund kid (Fallon) screwing around with the driver then her dumping him and getting with the aforementioned Mr. Colby then promptly breaking up with Mr. Colby when he was about to propose. I want to see how that plays out. I did some reading about the original Dynasty series and saw that Fallon married (then divorced) Jeff then married him again (and divorced him again) for good measure. I’m up to episode 11 now I think but I’m having so much fun that I don’t want to see how many episodes there are.

Let the good times roll!

As I typed that, I just got a notification from Bleacher Report that Isaiah Thomas, Channing Frye and a 1st round pick (the one from the Celtics?) have just been traded to the Lakers for Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance (LOL). Is Isaiah Thomas ever going to have a stable home? Do the Lakers start him and Lonzo Ball? So many questions. I see a trade alert post coming tomorrow.


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