Love Sick (*Cough*) – First Look

Like many shows I have blogged about, I found out about Love Sick on The Ringer (seriously, check out the ringer). Season 3 of Love Sick just came out and the whole premise of the entry was about how the romcom genre is dead and predictable. The post went on to describe Love Sick as an outlier because it manages to somehow capture your imagination with some sort of unpredictability. Being a sucker for anything that’s well written, marketed or sold, I thought I had discovered a gem.

For what its worth, I don’t really see how Love Sick is much different from other romcoms. My reason is simple. There is a guy, there is a girl, feelings are involved and the guy gets the girl in the end. Even if it ends without the guy and the girl getting the girl, feelings are stirred up (or at least, the whole point of all the “romanticness” going on is to steer feelings).

There are Three main characters on the show. Dylan, Evie and Luke. At the start of the show, Dylan finds out he has Chlamidya and has to track down all his sexual partners going back 3 years. I am on season 3 now and every episode has literally been a trip down memory lane (which sort of reminded me of that teeny bopper movie 100 girls). The show examines the nature of his relationship with all his previous sex partners. That’s not the tension romcom angle. Tensiony romcom stuff comes in because there is an underlying love story going on between him and Evie (who I seem to vaguely remember as the black/mixed race babe from Misfits (remember Misfits?). He blows his one chance and now Evie is engaged to be married. Meanwhile my man is there feeling sorry for himself. Luke who is the third pea in this pod is a bit of an annoying guy and keeps goading Dylan to tell Evie how he really feels.

According to the ringer, Dylan and Evie end up together (duh! No surprise there). The unique thing according to them is that the show explores what happens after the protagonist wins the girl. I can bet all the money in my account that after one or two blissful episodes, Dylan (or Evie) cheats – que more tension (kind of like insecure). Maybe Evie gets pregnant or Dylan gets someone pregnant. Maybe there is an abortion involved. Either way, there will be a seismic event that will significantly alter their relationship. Who wants to see happily ever after for ever on TV? That doesn’t make for good TV!

My thoughts on the show. I like it. British humour is the best you know. This show has lots of that. It actually used to be called “Scrotal Recall” until Netflix picked it up and I think the show has benefited from Netflix’ cash infusion. For one, the number of episodes has increased.

In other news, I started re-watching Dynasty over the weekend. Knowing how predictable I am, I (haven’t checked but) I am pretty sure that I said it is so predictable that what ever surprise they spring on me won’t attract me to the show. Can’t lie, my interest has been piqued after what happened at the end of episode 5. I am frantically typing this post like a maniac so I can go home to watch as much of dynasty as I can before I got to bed. I’m such a loser. lol


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