I Started Watching a Singing Competition

It might be a bit embarrassing to admit that;

  1. I keep more than an eye on the happenings in pop culture
  2. I am like the perfect guinea pig if you’re trying to sell something. Initially I am sceptical and all you have to do get my attention is explain how whatever you are selling is different from anything and you will at least get my attention. Whether I like it at that point depends on the quality of the actual product.

I say all that to say that those 2 things were primary reasons for me thinking it might be a good idea t check out the 4. I listen to/watch the breakfast club regularly and when a big name like Diddy comes on, it is must see/listen to stuff for me. I don’t remember where the first time I saw the 4 was (I want to say shade room’s Instagram feed) but after Diddy described what made it different and also said DJ Khaled was on the panel of judges, I thought mmm this might be worth checking out (if you’re reading this and are a normal person, you automatically think whatever, this show will be just like any other singing competition and you will probably be right) Fergie does a good job as host by the way.

First off, the premise. The show starts off with 4 singers who have been pre-selected. Each new contestant sings a song and judges decide if they are good enough to challenge one of the 4. After said challenge, the audience selects the challenge winner. The challenge winner gets retained as a member of the four.

When you read that, it seems like a well of intrigue but at the end of the day, it’s just people singing. The one thing I can say is that for the most part, I think the quality of singing on the competition is of a high level and you need to be quite good to challenge the existing 4. The challenges get feisty sometimes and anytime there is a challenge, you know someone is going to be singing their guts out.

I’m not sure how the ultimate winner gets selected but the winner gets to be managed by the judges who also include Meghan Trainor and a gentleman named Charlie Wall (never heard of him either but apparently, he’s a big wig in the music industry). First of all, let me just say that the winner will suffer because there is no way all those 4 people can find the perfect balance to bring the best out of anyone. Too many cooks and all that. They will move to LA, be set up in a fancy house and probably not see any of the mentors beyond the contractually required amount of time they should spend together. After the contract ends, that will be that and then they will struggle to find themselves. Maybe they find some success after. (I’ve watched too many similar shows).

The real winner will be someone who gets noticed from the show and is picked up by a record label and will have a successful career in the sanity provided by having someone’s undivided attention.

One thing I don’t like is how in the preview, they always make it seem like there was some drama. Like there will be clips of Diddy or DJ Khaled saying something outlandish then you watch the show and realise it was blown out of proportion. That’s like creating an artificial fire and I don’t like it!

Having said that though, I enjoy the show although it is 90 minutes long. I never found enough time to watch it in one go but somehow I have managed to break 3 episodes in to several chunks. There are only 6 episodes and I hope I find time to stick through the last few episodes.


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