What’s with the NBA Fights? Can’t we all Just get along?

This post was originally designed to call Chris Paul out on some bitch neegganess. He really irritated me the way he reportedly acted in the immediate aftermath of their loss against the clippers.

Now we understand that the truth of what happened was probably very different from what was reported after the game. As Charlamagne says though, who cares about the truth if the lie is more entertaining? Apparently, immediately after the game, Chris Paul was so incensed that he led a bunch of his team mates through a secret tunnel connecting the dressing rooms into the Clippers locker room to confront Austin Rivers and Blake Griffin. Meanwhile, Capela tried to distract the Clippers by banging on the front door (Chris Paul is still a bitch neegga and I’ll get to that in a separate post). All very entertaining and having nothing to do with Basketball. Speaking of Basketball for a second, my soft spot for the Clippers still remains. I was a bit worried earlier in the season that Doc River’s job was on the line. They were dropping games like lead balloons. At one point, I think they even lost 9 games in a row!

Regardless of what anyone said, in the summer, I actually liked the look of the Clippers and the players they brought in. Check this, they brought in Milos Teodosic (Youtube him), Gallinari, Lou Williams and Patrick Beverly. I really felt like they’d move the ball very well. We all know what happened next. First Milos got crocked then Gallo then Patrick Beverley then Blake Griffin followed and when he came back, it was Deandre Jordan’s turn. The Clippers had to fill the team with a bunch of no names. Who is CJ Williams? I even got tired of watching them play as they fell farther and farther below .500 then I noticed they won a game – okay, fine then they won again wooptie doo. Three in a row. When it hit four, I was like okay. All of a sudden, Blake and Milos come back and they look like a good team. Then they played Golden State. Surely, Golden State was going to make minced meat out of them except the Clippers won. I was so sure they were going to lose to Houston in the aforementioned game. They beat Houston and beat Denver too. Over the last 15 games, they have the best joint record in the NBA at 12 – 3. I’m just hoping the hot streak continues until Gallo and Deandre come back. I’m really rooting for Gallo especially to do well.

I got side tracked. This post is about the recent fights. I saw Aaron Aflalo getting into it with Bjelica the other day. Now I’m no advocate for fighting but Aflalo swung and missed and Bjelica put him in a head lock. That was actually the closest to a real fight we saw. The others are more similar to what we call as hand bags. There was also Kyle Lowry and Ben Simmons (who has floundered a little bit in recent weeks hasn’t he?). They agreed to meet in the tunnel to finish up the skirmish but Simmons was a no show apparently. LOL.

Earlier today, Michael Carter Williams (what happened to him? See what will happen to you if you are a non 3 point shooting point guard – I’m looking at you too Trey Burke). Got into it with a gentleman called Troy Fraizer on the Wizards (I’m a Wizards fan and I have no idea who Mr. Fraizer is). Remember what kicked this all off was Ibaka getting into it with James Johnson in Miami. I had my money on Ibaka but apparently, Johnson is a Karate black belt so who knows what would have happened.

Anyway, stop fighting guys, can’t we all just get along?


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