Catching Up on Homeland

I’ll get in to Homeland in a second but wanted to reflect a little bit. As I was thinking about putting this post together, I remembered writing a post after watching episode 1 of season 6. That was a year ago. Which means is 1! In that time I have written 145 posts which I can’t quite believe. Honestly sometimes when I think of writing a blog post, it feels like I’m wasting my time but last week, I scrolled through my blog entries and I was actually a bit proud you know. It didn’t look like a mish mash of rubbish like I thought it was. Anyway, I’m happy that I am still here on year after churning out my “rubbish”.

On to Homeland now and this one took more than one or two episodes to really grip me. I wasn’t really feeling the first few episodes about getting a falsely incarcerated kid out of prison (who cares about that). Side note – this kid was supposed to be Nigerian and his name was Sekou Ba. Someone please tell the producers that Sekou Ba is a Senegalese name. I mean in 2017, was it so hard to google male Nigerian names to come up with something authentic? (by the way I just did that and google gave me 152 Male Nigerian names). Anyway the kid they were trying to get out of Prison is the same kid that played Miranda’s unfortunate son in Quantico (in Quantico, he also played a rebellious teen who was influenced by radical islamists).

The fun started after the kid got released from prison. It’s not homeland if there isn’t a terrorist attack. Said terrorist attack in this season kicked everything off. There’s Carrie trying to protect her daughter and fighting terrorists. There is Quin (who’s now suffering from Acute PTSD and off the rails) also trying to solve the issue then of course Saul is there and so is Dar Adal trying to influence the (female) president elect’s policy. Carrie has an FBI ally and of course there is a new sophisticated terrorist organisation which kind of reminds me of The Company from Prison break.
Carrie is also facing issues from the Child Protective Agency who are trying to take Frannie (her daughter) away. I am on episode 8 and the suspense and intrigue is well underway. You can sort of say that the show has shown its hand. It is not as good as the first few seasons where the show made my heart beat as if it was Prison Break season 1 but it’s enough for me to want to tune back in to see how things end.

I saw recently that the show is coming back for a 7th (and I hope final) season. As much as I love the show, there are only so many directions you can tug my little heart strings in before it refuses to be tugged anymore.

Homeland is back at some point next month and I hope to complete season 6 before then. American Crime Story (Assassination of Versace) kicks off this week with Penelope Cruz, Ricky Martin? (As a killer no less) and Dasha Polanco (Daya from Orange is the New Black). Greys is back this week (yes I still watch it). ANTM came back last week (all my hood gangstas look away now) and Love and Hip Hop Miami finally hit our screens. I actually saw the first episode of Love and Hip Hop Miami but the viewing experience was very annoying owing to slow internet comnnection so I’d want to get a few episodes in before I dedicate a post to it but can I just say I hope that the Diamond Princess aka Trina doesn’t degrade herself to engage in fisticuffs. Same goes for Trick Daddy who’s appearance has changed drastically from his hey days.

I haven’t written anything basketball related in a while. Gonna try and make my next post Basketball related.


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