Back for the First Time! (So is Las Chicas del Cable)

Since I’ve been away from your (phone and laptop) screens for a while now, I’ve obviously had time to craft a catchy title for my “come back”. I explain why I have been away in the post script but for now Ya es hora para las chicas del cable (it’s time for Cable Girls) (I have no idea whether that’s correct or not :-p)

Cable girls came back over Christmas and I had no idea. Funny thing is about a month before it came back, I checked on the internet for news of when it would come back – Nothing! A few days ago, there I was prancing around on Netflix and bam! I saw that the last set of episodes for season 1 came out on Christmas Day. I actually felt betrayed. Kind of like why did no one tell me about this new development. Like Netflix should have sent me a message given that I have (unsuccessfully) recommended this show to a ton of people. Guess I’m to blame for taking my eyes off the ball.

The last set of episodes ended on a Cliffhanger. Carlos finds out Lidia is really Alba. Alba is Francisco’s long lost love (literally long lost love. They lost each other in a train station a few years before the series starts). Francisco is married to Carlos’ sister Elisa and is Carlos’ BFFFFFFFF and beyond. As you can imagine, Carlos is not very happy about this. The politics between Carlos, Francisco and Lidia is a running theme throughout the series. By the way, can I just say I love the names and how Spanish people roll their R’s Carrrrrlos, Marrrrrga, Marrisol, Carrrrlota Frrrrrancisco. Lol They also speak really really fast. I wonder how they can understand each other.

At this point, I’m a bit torn as to how much I should divulge about the new set of episodes just in case this post inspires someone to start watching. I’ll treat lightly but there’s a murder!, there’s a robbery, there are (successful and unsuccessful)  cover ups, a marriage proposal, a lesbian struggling with her sex/identity, a weirdo CEO who likes playing baseball on the roof top terrace of the Telephone company and I’m on just on episode 6! (I’m scared to find out how many episodes there are in total x_x).

Anyway along with all the above, there are also things you (or I anyway) loved from the first run. The Language for one. I’m really not mucking about when I say my Spanish is really improving. I’ve even noticed differences in the Spanish Spanish Accent and the South American one. In the Spanish one, “z” is pronounced “th”. I also love the scenery and attention to detail. Having said that, the show still features some things I didn’t like from the last run. Now I wouldn’t describe myself as someone who cares about attention to little things but for the life of me, I cannot get my head round the fact that a. the music sounds like it was made in 2017 and b. the music when the end credits roll it still sounds like it is Iggy Azalea rapping.

I won’t lie, it throws me off when I hear modern (English no less) music playing against a 1920’s setting. I wonder whose idea that was. I’m still scared to check if it’s Iggy rapping on the end because that would really hurt my feelings.

Back to the show. I thought things were winding down but at the end of episode 6, I was like uh oh. Looking back in the stack of 6 episodes I have seen, it kind of feels like what I imagine it must have been like to watch a novella back in the day.


Post Script: Being honest, at times towards the end of the last year, writing sort of felt like a burden (work also got crazy) and I didn’t want to feel pressured into writing posts. I thought it might be better to take a little break instead of writing half arsed posts. Plus sometimes when I watch shows, I watch the show with a blog context in mind which adds pressure in itself because I always wonder where the juice for the post will come from. That being said, over the holidays, I got back in touch with some old faves. (Homeland and Greys) and a new fave (The Crown) all of which I’m hoping to post on in the coming weeks.

Basketball is never far from my mind and I’ve actually missed putting my thoughts down.

Anyway, I’ve renewed my wordpress subscription and if you know how I am about thing I pay for, you know my keyboard is going to keep clacking! Hopefully this little blog (child) of mine stays alive for a while yet!

Side note: I’m looking to revamp my blog lay out. Please get in touch if you can help me out


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