A Handmaid’s Tale – First Look

I read about A Handmaid’s Tale on the Ringer when it first came out. I remember seeing Peggy Olson from Mad Men (Real Name: Elisabeth Moss) as the lead actor and thinking I definitely need to give it a go. Then I saw the trailer and thought meh. Maybe not. I am usually close minded about series with themes I’m not particularly interested in. Sometimes when I watch them, I think maybe I shouldn’t be close minded. Other times, I feel vindicated when I watch those things and remember why I had a closed minded approach in the first place.

A Handmaid’s tale is one of those things I feel like I shouldn’t have bothered watching in the first place. Allow me to explain.

It’s not like the show is bad, it’s just that it is not really my thing. The show even won a couple of Emmys so there must be a lot of people out there that think it is a good show. I’m obviously not one of those people. I guess it is a perspective thing. If I see something universally considered to be “brilliant” painting, it might just look like strokes on a piece of canvas to me. Or when Kanye West releases a visual album which in his eyes is a master piece but gives me a headache.

Anyway, on to what the show is about.

After 3 episodes, I am still piecing together what the whole show is about. From what I can tell, women who are able to bear kids are captured and taken to a “place”. When they get to this place, they are given new names and identities and forbidden from talking about their past lives. They all dress as maids (their main aim being to bear kids) and stepping out of line will get you an ass whopping or even worse death.

Now I’m not sure if this place is on earth or if it an alternative galaxy because I wonder whether escaping is as easy as hitching a ride somewhere or if they need to board a space ship (I didn’t see any spaceships so I assume they drove to the place by car? In which case, why don’t they escape – I know this sounds incredibly shallow and I will probably get panned for it but whatever). For some reason, the wives of the Handmaids commanders (one of whom is Sarah Walker from Chuck) are all barren so they rely on the Handmaids to bear kids. The Handmaids were referred to as walking wombs at some point.

I’m not exactly sure why there are all these barren wives and why Handmaids are captured or who these commanders are and why they are capturing people. It’s almost like a white on white type slave trade thing. All very weird.

Having said that, Elisabeth Moss is quirky funny and sort of acts like a narrator for the show. She doesn’t follow the average narrator script and her narration is full of wisecracks which is funny.

Given my comments above, you’d think I won’t watch anymore but I’ll keep watching to see where is goes just so when I am talking rubbish about the show, I have all the information I need at my finger tips :-p


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