Dynasty Reboot (First Look)

This post almost did not get written. I was trying to watch Dynasty last night and swift internet decided to develop a mind of its own. My head was filled with bad thoughts about swift, its founders and its financiers. I was determined to press on though and eventually, my persistence paid off! Dynasty is another one of those things that flashed up on my Netflix home page and I ignored it but then I saw on my friend’s snapchat that it’s the best show so I thought if someone thinks it is the best show, maybe is not so bad.

I want to say I remember seeing adverts for reruns of dynasty on the old series channel on DSTV (Remember that?) but I don’t remember to be honest. Anyway, the dynasty on Netflix now is a remake of the old one from the 80’s. I won’t pretend to know what the old dynasty was about so I won’t even know if the storyline in the new one is in anyway connected to the old one.

Anyway, here goes the break down;

From what we know, Dynasty is about a billionaire named Blake Carrington. Blake has two kids – Fallon and Steven. Blake is self-centred (as you would expect from any billionaire worth his salt) and is about to marry a woman (Cristal) around the same age as his daughter. Fallon and the daughter don’t get along so expect some fireworks there. Then there is the butler who sort of knows it all. He’s played by the same person who played the dad in Ugly Betty and was Merissa’s step dad in the OC.

From what I can tell, Cristal has an agenda.  She comes from humble beginnings and we find out she’s the black sheep in her family. The Carrington’s are in for it because from episode 1, she’s now married into the family so even if they find anything out about her, they can’t get rid of her that easily. I kind of like Fallon’s spirit. She’s taking on her dad which I like. Plus her business partner is Nigerian in real life so that’s something to root for.

Cristal’s ex-boyfriend who she might or might not still be in love with dies in mysterious circumstances towards the end of the episode. The wife of the ex-boyfriend who has some sort of mental illness kinda crashes Cristal and Blake’s wedding party. This sets the tone for the season.

To be quite honest, I have seen tens of shows just like Dynasty. It is the OC, it is 902010, it is revenge, even gossip girl to an extent. Rich people prancing up and down with rich people problems. There are always secrets, murders, sinister plots, love children, white collar crime, flashy cars and some sort of suspense so for someone like me, watching it will be kind of like a waste of time because I can guarantee that whatever suspense they insert won’t bother me. I would have cared less if a bomb dropped in the middle of the wedding and killed everyone. I guess if you are old enough to remember Dynasty from the 80’s, then this might be up your alley? Or maybe if you never forayed into these shallow type of rich kid drama’s this might be new to you. For seasoned watchers of rubbish such as myself, there is no novelty there. Doesn’t mean I won’t watch it though. They might just change my mind.


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