Latest NBA Happenings

I’m happy that:

Boston are playing really well! They have won 12 games in a row! Playing without their prized off season acquisition. They’re moving the ball and locking in on defense. I managed to watch their game against the Raptors over the weekend and I think to a large extent, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum are responsible for picking up the scoring slack after Hayward went down. I was a bit concerned for Jaylen Brown after his rookie season because although he played good defense, his shooting percentages were a bit concerning. The numbers are marginally better this season (from deep anyway) and his playing load has increased. By the way, how smart does Danny Ainge look for trading down to pick Jayson Tatum given Makrelle Fultz injury. I also think that trading for Kyrie was a master stroke.  I feel like if all their cards fall right, Boston can take Cleveland in the playoffs. The big question is can they beat Golden State? Even with Gordon Hayward, I don’t think they can take Golden State. Hell with the way Harden is playing right now, I don’t think they can take Houston sef.

I’m also happy that New Orleans finally seem to be stringing some wins together. I see it in a way that compares to the Indian summer thing. I know the wins probably won’t last and NOLA probably won’t make the playoffs but if I don’t write about how well they’re playing now, Poof! Everything will disappear. So here goes! Boogie and AD are clicking.  They’re finding ways to sting performances together long enough to eek out wins. They’re 7-3 over the last 10 games and it has to be said that they haven’t faced any serious team (which is why I think their good run won’t last). Lately, AD, Boogie and Jrue Holiday have all been clicking. They’re also getting unexpected help from people like E’tuan Moore, Darius Miles and Jameer Nelson (!). Rondo is back now so maybe Jrue plays off the ball a bit more?

My kids (the Bucks and 76ers) are playing okay. Giannis is still beasting out there and I think Bledsoe coming in has given him a little boost.  I still sorry about his lack of a jump shot but the way he finds an angle to the rim every single time is astonishing. By the way, Bledsoe has been inconsistent through his first 3 games with the Bucks but they’ve won them all so it is easier for him to ease into his role. The 76ers are doing okay as well. Ben Simmons has been exactly as advertised (he doesn’t have a jump shot just as advertised) but his passing and game management are all top notice. I’m happy the long suffering fans in Philly at least have a decent team to cheer. The 76ers probably make the playoffs and flame out in the first round but that’s fine.


Not really happy about;

What is happening to the Clippers? They are 2-8 in their last 10 games. After starting out 4-0. The first thing that has to be said is that they are nursing injuries. Galinari, Patrick Beverley and Teodosic are all out. From the outside looking in, it seems as if there are too many breaks defensively and people just waltz in there to get what they want. I feel like they need one of those player’s only meetings to sort things out or at least, someone needs to take things by the scruff of the neck and bark at everyone. Blake Griffin is clearly not that guy. Maybe they need Matt Barnes or something because I worry that Doc Rivers is gone if they don’t do well this season.

OKC. Just because they have strung 2 or 3 wins together doesn’t mean that things are all fine and dandy. After they traded for Melo, I said that probably makes them 4th best in the west. Can’t say that they’re 4th best right now. Things are just not clicking which is a bit sad but they have to turn it around right? Surely?


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