NBA Trade Alert: Bledsoe to the Bucks

So Bledsoe finally got his wish and has been shipped out of Phoenix. In my mind, Phoenix might as well be NBA Siberia (where they should have sent that petulant child called Kyrie Irving. I guess what Blledsoe has done also counts as petulance but whatever). Before we go on, here is what the deal is:

Milwaukee Bucks get: Eric Bledsoe

Phoenix Suns get: Greg Monroe + a 1st Round pick

Boy that Phoenix franchise is so dysfunctional I tell you. It’s funny because before the season started, I was looking forward to watching Phoenix. Yeah I knew they’d suck but I thought they’d at least be fun to watch. Kind of like Cleveland in Kyrie’s rookie season. They drafted Josh Jackson. Yeah he can’t shoot the 3 but (we thought) he could play defence. Marquise Chriss and Dragan Bender were a year older, Devin Booker was in the mix, Bledsoe was starting and they have a freak of an athlete in Derrick Jones and veteran help from Tyson Chandler and Jared Dudley. In real life, it was a disaster. They were absolutely atrocious through their first three games and Earl Watson was fired. Bledsoe requested for a trade and things sort of fell apart. They appointed Jay Triano to take the reins but whatever. They still suck badly. Adding Greg Monroe’s expiring contract to the mix doesn’t move the needle at all but they will at least get a draft pick. I hate all these rebuilding teams but I understand the necessity.

It sucks because, it seems like the NBA is now full of rebuilding teams and super friends getting together. Some teams like Charlotte and Indiana are fooling themselves and I don’t know what they are doing. I get that no teams want to be mediocre but the lack of competitiveness means that there are way too many meaningless games for me. For Phoenix, I’m sure they don’t care. Monroe is earning a bit more than Bledsoe. Monroe isn’t staying in Phoenix beyond this season anyway. Phoenix have that draft pick which I guess makes it worthwhile for them. Apart from Devin Booker, Phoenix haven’t exactly nailed it with draft picks so I’m not sure why they think this draft pick will make a difference. I guess at the end of the day, draft picks don’t have to be used in the draft. They can be used as trade bait.

I like this move for the Bucks. They finally get a Top 15 point guard who can push the tempo and draw defences away from Giannis. I had a little peek at Bledsoe’s 3 point numbers and I think he needs to improve it to push the Bucks forward. Truth be told, Monroe didn’t really fit in with the Bucks side anyway and I don’t put as much faith in draft picks as everyone else. I bet they regret giving him that fat contract 2 years ago. They now have more dynamic big men in Thon Maker and John Henson. Greg Monroe did okay off the bench last year but you got the feeling that he was only playing because they couldn’t afford to bench him with that fat contract.

By my calculations, the Bucks are even saving money on Salary. I remember Bledsoe from his glory days as Chris Paul’s back up in LA. That’s the Bledsoe we need to see with the Bucks. He better come through. He also better not cause any trouble because the Bucks have a good thing going.


P.S not gonna skip over the fact that I have been MIA for almost 2 weeks. I promise my enthusiasm isn’t dying, work just hasn’t slowed down!


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