This is Us Season 2: First Look

This is Us is back for a second season and I’m a bit unsure about it after 3 episodes. Maybe I liked season 1 because I binge watched a little bit. Based on how season 1 ended, my expectations were sky high for season 2. Season 1 really drew me in towards the end because the storyline about Randal and his Biological dad bonding before he died was a tad emotional.

The one remaining thing that keeps me coming back is that I really want to know how Jack died. They teased us a little bit towards the end of the season and I was sure he was going to die in that last episode. I thought we’d find out in one of the first few episodes of season 2. I was expecting something exciting to start off the new season but truth be told, the show itself is a bit of a slow burner and I think I’ll let it stew for a while before going back.

I’d really hate to write a bad review about the show but the emerging story lines in this new season don’t really cut it for me. I don’t care if Beth and Randall adopt a new kid or if Kevin and his ex wife get back together. What I care about is how Miguel two timed his best friend and made off with his wife. Sometimes I wonder maybe Miguel didn’t steal Rebecca from Miguel. Maybe after Jack died, he offered her a shoulder to cry on and they fell for each other. We already know that he and his wife were separated when Jack died. Whatever the case, he is still a scumbag in my book. If you develop a crush on your best friend’s wife after he dies, you take that crush to heaven (or hell) with you.

In completely in related news, Katie is really fat. I know that sounds bad and horrible and I probably mentioned it in my initial review. Sometimes when I watch the show, it almost seems as if she’s wearing a fat suit. I honestly genuinely worry about the effect of her weight on her health. Anytime she’s going to work out or going to a fat camp, I sub consciously hope that after a few episodes, she really drops the weight. The next episode will come and it will look like she has put on even more weight. Having said that, it can’t be easy trying to shed all that weight. Again, I kind of blame the producers. For me they have the responsibility of making sure her health is right. Don’t ask me, how they should go about achieving this. I am not the one that paid her millions of dollars to star in a TV series.

Those are by my thoughts based on episodes 1-3. To be honest, I have fallen off TV a little bit in the past week or so because basketball is back and have only been able to catch up on one or two episodes of quantico. I’ll try to balance things out over the weekend.


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