NBA Weekend Round Up

Giannis has been a beast this season. By all accounts, he has added strength to go with his length and skill. I caught bits of the Bucks games against Cleveland and Portland and he absolutely ripped Portland up! He lit them up for 44 points and was as clutch as they came in the last 30 seconds. With a key steal, a clutch dunk and a huge block! I’ve been on the gravy train since before Giannis got drafted and I remember a scout saying at the time that Giannis wasn’t good enough to play in the Greek second division! I wonder where that scout is now and if he is still earning his living as a scout! The funny thing is that there have been one or two copy cat moves. Remember Bruno Caboclo? The Raptors drafted him to be the next Durant. He was two years away from being two years away four years ago. Now he’s on his way out of the league.

Eric Bledsoe is on his way out of Phoenix. Phoenix just fired their coach and are looking to trade their most accomplished player in Eric Bledsoe. Where do you reckon he could land? I wish he could land on the Clippers but they have no assets. I’m hearing the knicks are interested. They have a couple of assets to toss in there. The Bucks I hear are interested and that would be mad if they could pull it off. They could toss in Greg Monroe or even Jabari Parker and draft picks. If Bledsoe ends on the Bucks, where does that leave them in the East’s Power hierarchy? Meanwhile Phoenix have been abject this season. They’re own trust the process is worse than Philly’s one how far now?

Just like I said, the Cavs are disjointed and Wade needs to be taken out of the starting line up. That is exactly what has happened. He can be the alpha dog on the 2nd team and get up as many shots as he likes. But the interesting thing will happen when Isaiah Thomas comes back and Derrick Rose moves to the bench. Any back court with Wade and Rose is a disaster in today’s NBA. I’m not a Cavs fan but they’re the best hope in the East of toppling GSW so I need them to get it together.

In other news

I’m not a Nets fan either but through the first few games of the season, it seems like D’angelo Russell is coming into his own. He is playing as well as I have seen him play over the first three games of the season. Being out of the spot light might just do him a world of good. In other news, Lonzo Ball is playing as you would expect a 19 year old rookie to play. Topsy turvy stuff. The Lakers stink regardless of what anyone tells you.

Meanwhile I am really worried about the Pelicans. Rondo isn’t back anytime soon and they seem to have no help on the wings and I think Mr. Gentry might be the next on the chopping block.

I’ll be back later in the week after I have checked out the Chris Paul documentary.


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