Basketball is Back!

I finally get to write about real basketball not trades, not squabbles, not pre-season, not free agency, not the draft. Actual basketball! I’m so excited. My favourite morning past time is deciphering box scores, shooting percentages, turn overs, assists and reading game recaps.

All 30 teams have played so this feels like a good time to run the rule over all the action/do a mini season preview. #longpostalert!

There were 3 games on Tuesday (the season always starts on Thursday, wonder why they started on Tuesday this time) anyway, Cavs and the Celtics kicked things off and less than 5 minutes in, Boom! Gordon Hayward blew out his ankle. When I say blew out, he snapped it in half! That kind of made me sad because I really want the Celtics to push the Cavs. Like I always do, I convinced myself that the Celtics still have enough to get to the top. Maybe they do but without Hayward, they definitely don’t have enough to worry playoff Lebron.

About the game itself, the Cavs won but their floor spacing was horrendous. Not sure of the wisdom behind having Derrick Rose and Dwayne Wade in your starting line up in 2017. The Celtics did okay in that game. I had my eye on the kids – Jayson Taytum, Jaylen Brown and Semi Ojeleye – they all did okay in the circumstance. I also hoped we might see a cameo from the dancing bear aka Guerschon Yabusele (ain’t that a wonderful name?). Next time hopefully.

They were understandably a little off in their next game against the Bucks in which Giannis wasn’t playing. He was all over the place and he dropped 37 on them. When I was looking at the box score, I was interested in seeing how he did from behind the arc. You guessed it, he only took one 3 point shot – he missed it. (the more things seem to change, the more they stay the same?)

Meanwhile, Houston have won their first two games but they stuttered. In game 1, the Chris Paul/Harden thing didn’t really work. CP 3 went 2-9 from the field and harden needed over 20 shots to score 28 points. Things seemed to improve when CP 3 went down with a bruised knee and Eric Gordon came on. Gordon didn’t shoot the ball well but attacked the hell out of that rim. Durant let go of his buzzer beater a millisecond too late and that was that for that game.

They stuttered past the kings again on their second game. Harden needed 21 shots to score 27 points and he went 4-14 from behind the arc. Speaking of the Kings, my man De’aaron fox did okay. Look out for this young boy! He is coming! He just needs to develop his 3 point shot. The kings performance looked a bit disjointed. I have always had a soft spot for the kings since Chris Webber and Vlade Divac were there. They seem to have a decent team this year. I hope they can be competitive.

Lonzo Ball made his long awaited debut last night against the Clippers and stunk it up as you expect from any 19 year old making his debut against Patrick Beverley. He went 1-6 from the field and finished with 3 points. The LakBers sold hope to everyone but they will stink it up for at least another year. Speaking of the Clippers, Blake Griffin did good, Deandre grabbed 24 or so rebounds which was impressive by his high standards. I kind of expected a bit more from Gallo and Teodosic but it was game 1 of 82 so I guess they will get better. Chris Paul has a 3 part documentary where he rants about the Clippers. It’s no surprise that I don’t like Chris Paul. I will watch all 3 parts and spend a whole post having a go at him! 😀

The Wizards looked strong against Philly but again, what will they do if something happens to John Wall or Bradley Beal, they’re dead dogs. They have no bench strength. I don’t blame them for paying Otto Porter because you can’t let that kind of talent go. Oubre is okay but they have Jodie Meeks on the bench for goodness sake! Philly didn’t win but I like their team a lot. Simmons sort of lived up to the hype and Embiid even played 28 minutes!


Oklahoma’s offence was a bit wobbly to start off against New York but they found their gear in the second half. Melo and PG can’t play iso ball. They need to zip around and let the ball find them! Frankie Nicotine didn’t play much but I’m rooting for the young man.

That’s all I really care about but in other news;

  • The Pelicans will struggle this season, they have no floor spacing and my man Alvin Gentry will probably get canned. Mark Jackson anyone?
  • Dennis Schroder kicked ass in Atlanta’s first game. (go on Dennis!) but Atlanta will suck this season
  • The Bulls are as bad as we thought they will be
  • Denver seem like they might be decent.
  • Phoenix Suns? What’s going on?

That’s it from me. I look forward to watching real basketball this weekend and breaking it all down next week!


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