Skinny Girl in Transit Season 4: First Look

So I ran the rule over Skinny Girl in Transit (Season 4) yesterday (before I go any further, I have to say that I’m good friends with the lead character – Bimbo Craig aka Tiwa). They are 4 episodes deep and I caught the first two episodes yesterday. I really wanted to watch all 4 but I was so tired.

As the name of the show implies, it follows the lead character’s transition to being a skinny minnie. What’s ironic is that the show kind of mirrors Bimbo’s real life because she’s taken massive strides forward in terms of losing weight. As the pounds have dropped, the show has become more popular and I am really happy for her.

Season 4 picks up where season 3 stopped. Tiwa and Mide are an item although I just feel like trouble is lurking around the corner. Things are a bit too smooth for me. That trouble I think will be in the form of Fabrice who had his tryst with Tiwa last season and is back in Lagos trying to set up a new radio station to compete with Mide’s radio station (gen gen gen). Mide seems like the jealous type so it won’t be fun times for Tiwa when Mide finds out about said tryst (he is bound to find out).

You can really tell that Ndani is throwing money at the show. I see that Tiwa’s family have a new (nicer) house. They tapped Nobert Young to be Tiwa’s dad (I’m sure he didn’t come cheap). (Speaking of Norbert Young, is it me or did he look like a deer in headlights at times? The chemistry between the other characters is better without him. I guess that is to be expected because he’s just joining the fray. Hopefully, that chemistry shines through as the season progresses). I also see that they have a new set of writers and I noticed that Jade Osiberu is no longer the producer? Wonder what happened there. Speaking of Jade Osiberu, How far Gidi Up? We have been waiting like 2 years now.

When Skinny Girl first started, the episodes were like 6 minutes long. Season 1 was full of glorified sketches but I loved it though. Apparently, they had to shoot the first season over the course of a few days because the owner of the house they were shooting in was only away for a few days. Now I’m sure they have the budget to shoot somewhere for as long as they need.

I remember saying to Bimbo when season 1 came out that the episodes need to be more than 6 minutes long because by the time you hook your laptop to the tv and get settled down, the whole thing was over. Bimbo said people are sensitive about their data. Now the episodes are like 20 minutes long. If it was on terrestrial TV, it would last for 30 minutes! (I guess the data thing doesn’t apply any more does it Bimbo?)

I guess the only other thing about longer scripts and more characters is … more acting and having to live up to what your reputation. For the first time in 4 seasons, I can tell Bimbo is acting. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. That’s what happens when your show grows. There were moments in there where I still saw the Tiwa from seasons 1 – 3 but this somehow feels like a new Tiwa. So far so good for this season. I look forward to seeing what else they have in store.


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