Quantico: First Look

When you have a blog about TV shows (like me), you assume that you know most or all of the decent shows out there (I certainly feel like that anyway) so I don’t like hearing things like “what do you think of Quantico”, because I have (or I had) no idea what Quantico is (or was) even if it has been around since 2015. I’m not sure if the fact that I don’t (or didn’t) know about Quantico says more about me than it does or Quantico (insert chin wagging emoticon here). Anyway, all of that got rectified over the weekend when I did a mini binge watch of Quantico.

Quantico is set in the FBI’s training institute at… you guessed it! Quantico. On the one hand it follows a new class of FBI trainee recruits. It also covers their back stories etc and on the other hand, there is an explosion in New York and the main suspect is one of the recruits from this class we are following so there are 2 parallel story lines (One for what I guess you could call the present and another from their time at Quantico).

The lead character is an Indian lady named Priyanka Chopra and my first impression of the show was that I’ve seen a show with a female Asian character undergoing some form of law enforcement/military training and kicking ass. The name of that show was Nikita and in my opinion, it wasn’t very good. On the face of it, I think Quantico is a better show than Nikita because even if I wasn’t by the edge of my seat the whole time I was watching it, there was enough intrigue in the show to keep me going for a few episodes and I really am interested in finding out how the whole thing plays out.

We have Islamic twins (played by the same person), a Georgia peach type country lass, a rich kid trying to please his (scumbag) dad, the main character who has her daddy issues, an undercover agent within the class, a weirdo guy with a shady past that spent time in Israel and Gaza, an instructor with an agenda, another instructor with a son who has gone awol and one or two other colourful characters which I’m sure will emerge.

As you can see, it might not set the world alight but you definitely want to see what happens next. My only thing is that each season has 22 episodes. When I was in Uni, I wanted nothing more than a show with 24 episodes. I remember my friend saying at the time that shows with 20 – 24 episodes tend to drag on. I didn’t understand what he was saying. I totally get it now though. If you multiply 20 (episodes) by 40 (minutes per episode) by 2 (seasons), that gives you about 27 hours. I don’t know if I can dedicate 27 hours over however many months to watching this show. If they had only 12 episodes, by episode 6, I can guarantee you that we will know where the show is going. I’m on episode 6 now and they are still in many ways still setting the scene for the show.

I spoke to one of my colleagues about the show and she said she lost interest half way through the show. (as you can expect if you have been plugging away for 11 weeks and you are only half way through a season) That’s my big fear. I might just get lost in all these episodes and call it a day. For now though, I’ll keep plugging away. Greys Anatomy is the only show in 2017 allowed to have over 20 episodes.

  1. It’s pretty cool that the lead character is a Bollywood actress. I thought she was maybe Indian American or something but she’s proper Indian and the quality of her acting doesn’t stand out in a bad way. She fits right in. I’m not one for Bollywood movies but it seems like they are far ahead of Nollywood in terms of quality of performances and breaking into Hollywood.

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