Marco Polo: First Look

Marco Polo is another one of those shows that stared at me for a long time from the Netflix home page. Now that I think of it, I can’t really remember why I never got round to checking it out. Anyway, check it out I did and it’s actually not half bad. Before I get into it, I did some preliminary research (and by preliminary research, I totally mean Wikipedia) on it to see if there is a link between the Man Marco Polo and the Marco Polo game the bougie kids played at the swimming pool. No link exists. In fact no one seems to know what the game is called Marco Polo.

Anyway, on to the show itself, Marco Polo is about a young Italian with daddy issues. Depending on how you look at it, his dad was either a dead beat when he was growing up or his mum was an independent woman way ahead of her time because his dad was absent throughout his childhood. His dad didn’t even know he existed until his mum died. His dad blamed his mum for keeping son away from father. Now that I read that back, it sounds like baloney. It’s settled. Marco Polo’s dad was a dead beat. Come to think of it, that’s probably why his mum kept Marco from his dad. You will see more reasons why his dad is a dead beat in a second.

Marco’s dad appears in Marco’s life out of nowhere, claiming ignorance of Marco’s existence and decides that he’s off again on a voyage. Like any pesky Europeans at the time, daddy polo was a trader who traversed the world. He left Marco behind. Again like any child with daddy issues, Marco hid in his dad’s vessel so his dad was stuck with him. When they got to Mongolia, his dad and uncle ran into trouble and the dad decided to use Marco as a bargaining chip (deadbeat behaviour exhibit 2).

In almost any sense of the word, Marco became Kublai Khan’s bitch ( Kublai was the supreme ruler of Mongolia at the time) who was also Gengis Khan’s grandson). This is where the fun really begins because Marco earns the trust of the Kublai in a way no foreigner has done and the fun is really in understanding 14th century internal family and ruling politics between different kingdoms. It has betrayal/back biting, drama, intrigue and a Queen that decides who is fit enough to be her husband’s concubine!

Marco’s father eventually shows up again to “rescue” Marco as promised only that this time, he plants a stolen item in Marco’s room and almost gets them all killed! That settles it. His dad was a dead beat!

What I’ve found really interesting is drawing Parallels between the show and what really happened in real life. Imagine being an 18 or 19 year old abandoned to be the king’s bitch in 14th century Mongolia then emerging from that to have the King’s Ear! Stuff of Legends.

I’m getting back in to my blogging groove and I’ll try to close the week out with a basketball post.


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