Just Checking in

Sorry I’ve been MIA for most of the last two weeks. I have been out of town for work a lot (no not the glamorous type of out of work. It has been pretty arduous actually). Although in the middle of all this travel, I have managed to snag myself Silver Hilton Honours Membership for 2018 (to be honest, I don’t think it brings a lot of perks but at least it brings me closer to Gold which must be worth something right?).

Anyway, I have been keeping my eyes and brain busy but couldn’t find time to put up a new post. That’s something I am hoping to change this week. Almost all the network shows are back and NBA Pre-season is underway (The real thing tips off next week). In the mean time, I’ll just run through what I have been up to hoops and TV wise.

Greys is Back

Shonda Rhimes is at it again. Can you believe it is on season 14! Anyway, the show picks up the day after the fire issue. Edwards is gone (Notice how none of the actors who leave the show never go on to be “big stars” after they leave) and Owen’s sister (Megan) is alive. Obviously in the first instance, anything between Riggs and Meredith goes to the back burner while all hands are on deck for Megan. In true Greys fashion, Mere comes up with some innovative way to save the day.

Later on, it seems like Riggs and Megan hit the skids and Meredith and Riggs might get back together. Riggs and Megan never had much chemistry anyway. That was just a filler because I think that the end of episode 2 sets the tone for the season. Amelia has a brain tumor and I can see us being taken on another emotional roller coaster. Oh boy! This is going to be big!

Designated Survivor

Designated Survivor is back as well but the show feels like it is a bit too slow for me. They’re still chasing the Billionaire rogue guy whose name escapes me right now but they fired missiles at the bunker he was allegedly hiding in. They think they killed him (maybe they didn’t. I don’t think they did) but who cares. There is no tension or urgency. I’m just there watching it. Maybe I should not watch it for a few weeks so the tension can set in.

I also started watching Marco Polo but that’s a new show so I won’t do a paragraph on it. I’ll do a proper post later in the week.

On to NBA now and Pre Season is well and truly underway. I have noticed a few things which I’ll run through. It has been a bit difficult to follow because the ESPN website doesn’t load on my laptop anymore and I don’t like the NBA website much so it has been a combination of the bleacher report and the ringer I have been using to catch up on the NBA. I’m going to delay my NBA League subscription until the season starts. Anyway, here are the things I have noticed:

  1. The Thunder will really be deadly if Melo would just stay on the 3 point line to become Team USA Melo. Anytime Westbrook drives, the defense always collapses because Melo will hand around that line unmarked. If you leave one guy on Melo, said guy will get toasted then what do you do with PG? The key to making all of this work is that Westbrook has to play like a conventional point guard.
  2.  The Rockets will be really good. I think the CP3 Harden experiment will work
  3. Cleveland loook good so far. My man Derrick Rose has a spring in his step and Wade should contribute some. Remember they have Isaiah Thomas to come back. They will have a good second unit.
  4. Kyire is thriving in Boston’s ball movement system.
  5. De’aaron Fox is really that guy. Look out for him
  6. Dennis Smith is also a bad man. Look out for him
  7. Philly will be exciting to watch this season
  8. The Bulls are the worst team in the NBA
  9. I’m a bit worried about the Spurs
  10. After all is said and done, Golden State will win it all but we don’t car, we still love the NBA!

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