A Little bit of this and … a Little bit of that

I finished watching season 1 of Better call Saul over the weekend so I guess you could say that I achieved my aim of completing on season of a tv show during the summer dog days (that summer dog days thing has now passed by the way. Are we even still in summer?). It feels like a failure to me though because I almost finished watching Better call Saul a week ago. My aim was really to finish Claws this weekend but a combination of fatigue and sucky internet put paid to those plans. Having said that, I will say one or two words about Claws.


Excuse me but how is Roller alive? What!? Half way through episode 6, my internet started playing up so I’m not sure exactly what the full story is and how they will attempt to make sense of it but to me, it made absolutely no sense whatsoever. I mean the man was shot dead then set on fire. His charred remains were recovered after which he was buried. How in the name of any sensible thing does he end up as someone’s sex slave in a town far away from where he was “killed”.


According to the show, he is in Tuscany. The Tuscany I know is in Italy. If that’s where he is then I think the show has completely lost me. If there is a Tuscany in Florida somewhere then that makes more sense (but only a teeeeny bit more sense). Setting my mini rant aside for a moment, I guess Roller’s (non?) death makes the show a bit more interesting. There is a point in episode 6 where Desna wonders why nothing ever goes right for her (I chuckled and thought this one has no clue). My guess is that Roller will find his way back into wherever Desna and Uncle Daddy are based. Maybe that’s the cliff hanger on which season 1 ends.


On to Jimmy McGill aka Saul Goodman, how are we on Season 2, Episode 2 and we don’t even know how or why he changed his name to Saul Goodman. Meanwhile the show is called Better call Saul (*insert confused smiley here*). Apart from that, Better call Saul is still intriguing to say the least.


In other news, I was reading yesterday that a location scout for season 4 of Narcos was shot dead in Mexico. As many of us thought, season 4 of Narcos is supposed to focus on the rise of the Juarez cartel in Mexico. I think I has said this before but those Mexican gangsters don’t play. From all I have read and watched, their violence is on a scale that I haven’t seen before. It is almost too much to be sensationalised. In May, there was an average of 70 murders a day in the region where the man was killed. Murder o! not deaths and we are not talking about a whole country here. Just one State. I guess an unimportant question that follows is whether Netflix goes on with trying to shine the light on Mexico’s drug culture given this warning or if they go back to Colombia. We’ll see how that goes.


Meanwhile next week is shaping up to be a big week. This is Us, Designated Survivor and Greys Anatomy (season 14!) all return. NBA training camps also open up next week. It has been (sort of) barren on these pages all summer but more content should be coming your way over the next few weeks!


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