The Wrap on: Narcos (S.3)

So I got the first look at Narcos season 3 out of the way and actually finished watching Narcos shortly after the post but I didn’t want to bore you with back to back Narcos posts hence the post on better call saul right after. This post is me keeping my word on wrapping up a show every weekend over the summer dog days.

Anyway, I went through the synopsis on the earlier post so no need to run through what the show is about. The only thing I didn’t really know at the time was how they caught Miguel Rodriguez. For some reason, I thought the plan to capture him would be long drawn like the plot to capture Pablo. I mean, it didn’t go exactly to plan but it was relatively straight forward with one or two slight hitches.

What I found interesting was how closely everything matched up to real life. I could kind of tell what was fake and what wasn’t. Like when Miguel got a call telling him that Salcedo was the snitch and then he had to leave when he started strangling Salcedo. Yeah right! If he wanted to kill Salcedo, he will have shot Salcedo. End of. In an interview with the real Feistl, I read that they were about a minute away from missing out on capturing Miguel. That was close enough I guess.

The other thing I wanted to touch on was on the way Chepe died. He escaped from Prison (the stupidity or otherwise of his decision can be debated but let’s say he ranked on the right side of stupidity with that one). Then he went and formed an alliance with the paramilitaries that obviously didn’t trust him (restoring the clever-dumb balance) (side note – do you remember that egg card advert where they said for every dumb thing someone does, someone does a stupid thing?) Chepe offset and restored the clever dumb balance all by himself!

I don’t think I’ve had as much sympathy for a gay character as I have for Pacho. He was really a stand up guy who did what he had to do. I felt kind of sad about the way he went out he went out but I guess, you don’t become a drug dealer in the Cali Cartel without making more than a few enemies. How were the Rodriguez brothers particularly one as violent as Miguel manage to avoid getting killed in the middle of all this? (His story isn’t written yet. Maybe he catches a bullet on his way to the butchers a la Griselda Blanco).

Also felt a bit sorry for Salcedo who after he risked his life and his family’s life to help the Americans, they tried him in court! I think he even did time for conspiracy or something. I never did understand what authority the Americans had to try all these guys anyway. By far, the funniest person had to be Pallomari, the cartel’s accountant. Home boy sang like a freaking bird! He was probably the sharpest as well because as far as I could tell, he got away scott free (well his wife was sleeping with someone else so I guess he took an L in that department. I reckon he got that gun because he was thinking of offing his wife. I guess we’ll never know).

The question is what is next. I understand that Feistl character is still in Colombia and he spent the later part of the 90’s going after the North Valley cartel. Truth be told, I’m a bit tired of Colombian drug cartels. Basing season 4 in Colombia will be like squeezing the last bits of toothpaste out. Sure there is still toothpaste in it but you really need to do your self a favour and buy some new toothpaste. Relating this to Narcos, I’m sure they can squeeze some more life out of Colombia but I think they should just focus on something else which is where Mexico comes in.

I wonder how telling stories about Mexican drug dealers will translate into TV. There are no cartels in Mexico, more gangs and they are more ruthless than the Colombians. I originally wanted to see a show about Griselda Blanco but that’s unlikely to happen. The makers of Narcos are smarter than me so I’ll trust them to blow me away with season 4.


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