Better Call Saul: Delayed First Look

For someone that is/was a big fan Breaking Bad, it took me a long time to get round to watching Better Call Saul. I think I held back because the longer Breaking Bad went on, the longer it felt like watching it entailed some sort of emotional commitment and at the time, I had allocated my emotions elsewhere. With some gentle nudging, I started watching Better Call Saul over the weekend. (PS. If you were waiting to find out what show I completed over the weekend, it was Narcos but I didn’t want to do 2 Narcos posts back to back so the wrap on Narcos will follow on Thursday maybe?)

Anyway, I forget what season Saul waltzed his way into breaking bad but I seem to remember him being brought in by Mike (the bald headed “cleaner” who worked for Gus the Meth god that could solve all problems). He was brought in as a sweet talking money launderer. When I first heard about Better Call Saul, I thought it would take place after Breaking Bad. It is actually a prequel to Breaking Bad and it chronicles how Saul started off in Albuquerque, New Mexico. (I wonder what makes you decide to set a story in Alberquerque).

Saul started off as what we’d call a “charge and bail” lawyer in Nigeria. A charge and bail lawyer is a lawyer who hangs around outside the court house, waiting for criminals to get charged with crimes so they can arrange their bail (and get paid for his services). Outside Nigeria, he was what you might call an ambulance chaser. Basically, he was living from pay check to pay check and working out of the back of a nail shop. At the time, his name wasn’t even Saul Goodman. He was Jimmy McGill. I’m only on episode 7 of season 1 so I don’t even know how he ended up changing his name. I’m hoping there’s a crime in there somewhere (Like how Dick Whittman became Don Draper in Mad Men).

He was looking far and wide for his big break and he didn’t mind stretching the confines of what was morally acceptable but so far, he hasn’t done anything that’s outright illegal which is interesting because we know him as a money launderer. Isn’t it interesting that he only committed moral crimes as a poor man but when he got a bit more money, he didn’t mind smearing the line between legality and morality. I guess it’s true what they say about a man when he gets a bit of money.

There is also an interesting backstory to Mike. In Breaking Bad, he is almost a stone that fell from the great beyond with no prior story (or emotions). We learn a little more about his background and what made him the way he is. You even start to feel for the guy. Can you imagine having some sort of sympathy for that Mike guy? Lol. Touching stuff I tell ya. I have enjoyed watching it so far and I hope I’m able to catch up. I see that Gus the meth god is in season 3 so I know things have progressed quite a bit.

I think I’ve done good on my quest to catch up on everything before all the network shows start again. I’m currently watching El Chapo on Netflix and if I can finish it, I think that might be it for my summer quest of finishing something each week. This is us, Designated Survivor and Greys start soon. Yay to that!



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