Narcos is Back! Here is my Overdue Review

It is funny how these things go. I was ready to write this post on Tuesday but I thought nah… I wrote a post on Monday, let that post breathe I thought and I’ll post on Wednesday. Well late on Tuesday, I got hit by a hurricane of my own at work and I couldn’t find time to give this post the attention it deserves. So here we are on Friday, inching towards Saturday and I am just about to post. That shows you how crazy my week has been!

On to the business of the day. Narcos is back yo! so are my spanish lessons! Andele, Muerte, Yo Soy, No lo se, Ahora, Mierda! Puta Madre, Acqui, Quando. I can go on and on but i’ll leave it there!

Truth be told, I was worried about how this season was going to go. I had OD’d on Escobar’s real life story and was impressed by how it was portrayed. I really thought Narcos was a series about Escobar and I thought it would end after two seasons. I thought the third season was being made out of greed. To be honest that was because I didn’t know much about the Cali cartel. As far as I knew, they liked doing their business underground so I thought the story would be mostly made up but boy I’ll tell you, in terms of being factual and sticking to the script they absolutely nailed it.

There is so much to get to and I am on the penultimate episode so I don’t know how it wraps up but to start off, I can’t believe that Pacho is a poof! Pacho! From the first two seasons, Pacho was the swave mouth piece for the Cali cartel. Always decked in silk shirts and cigars. I mean the only thing left was bikini clad women. I didn’t even get it as first. In one of the first scenes of episode 1, I saw what I knew was a male naked body coming out of the tub with Pacho but I didn’t get the point.

It was only when they went to kill Salazar and he was kissing his male partner (I actually covered my eyes through the kiss) that it all made sense. You have to respect the Cali cartel for not judging Pacho and making him a boss. That’s real G behaviour.

The Rodriguez brothers are really interesting. I think my non violent disposition draws me towards Gilberto more than Miguel. Miguel is a hot head and all that hot headed behaviour messes with you and you can’t think straight. Although I’m not sure how it ends, I’m convinced they should have gone with Gilberto’s plan to surrender. Spend a few years in prison then start again. It makes so much sense. (it would also have reduced the death toll). I get why the other members of the cartel weren’t having it though because if the Cali guy’s surrender and go legit, where does that leave them? Miguel taught them a lesson for messing with him though. I guess you do need brains and brawn.

Speaking of the Rodriguez brothers, can you imagine they are still alive? (so is Salcedo by the way). They were extradited to America in 2005 where they are serving out 30 year sentences. I need a documentary on these guys ASAP because I’m not sure there is enough out there (in English anyway) and I need to feed my mind!

I wonder what season 4 will tackle. I mean Narcos is not about Penas life, it is about drug cartels. I’d like to see something on La Maderina aka Griselda Blanco. She was a real badass. Common Netflix! What are yo waiting for?


2 thoughts on “Narcos is Back! Here is my Overdue Review”

  1. I want quite skeptical but after watching I agree that the writers pulled it off. It was a solid season. Although, I couldn’t connect with the characters like I did with the other seasons.

    Netflix confirmed a fourth season yet?


    1. Sorry for the delayed response. I believe they have confirmed a fourth season but no word yet on whether it will be set in Mexico or Colombia. I understand Feistl’s character is still in Colombia so you can’t rule out season 4 being set in Colombia with the North Valley Cartel being the main antagonists


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