Claws is actually not a Wack Show!


If you’re anything like me, you have been looking forward to today since last public holidays we had. At the start of the year, I pick up a calendar and circle all holidays. Now my motive for circling the holidays isn’t just to know when they fall, the point is to know whether the holidays will fall on or around the weekend and when you get consecutive days off for the weekend, you know what that means! 4 day Weekend! Anyway, this is one of those days. It’s a Thursday in August but it almost feels like Christmas. FYI, Independence day falls on the weekend so in about a month, we have another 3 day weekend. Ditto for Eid El Maulud, Christmas and New Year! :-D.


Holidays aren’t really the subject of this post. I reached the bottom of my series stash and Claws was next up. Episode 1 was boring for the most part but it sprung into life towards the end of the episode when Roller got popped by Karreuche of all people. When a person who you think is a central character gets popped in episode 1, you know the intrigue levels will instantly rise.


Karreuche is actually a decent actor. A solid 6/10. I think I mentioned this in my earlier post but she doesn’t stick out as the worst actor on the show which for me is a big compliment to her. I’m only on episode 4 but I would probably have seen episode 5 on Sunday if Swift had let me be great when I was watching it. Anyway, Uncle Daddy isn’t happy when he finds out about Roller’s death. But the way he played everyone at the drug store made me feel as if he knew something about what happened and maybe was even complicit in what happened to Roller. I mean we clearly know he wasn’t but whatever.


I think Karreuche handles the ditzy role very well. She’s either ditzy in real life or a good actress. I guess her next her next role will tell us which one it really is. Good thing the weekend is here. Tomorrow and Saturday will be a bit busy for me but by Sunday hopefully things slow down for me so I can take advantage of the extra day off work to catch up!.


Also why didn’t Power air last Sunday? Was it really because of Game of Thrones? Anyway, no complaints from me. As long as they air it this Sunday, I should be able to catch it on Monday and I’ll call it even. Meanwhile, Narcos is back tomorrow. I’m excited about that but I’m a bit worried about what direction the show will go in. Pablo is dead and for me, the allure was seeing how they portrayed real life events. Now they’re apparently going after the Ochoa’s? I’m not too keen on fictionalised drug tales. Will Pena and Murphy still be central characters? I don’t know but we will find out soon enough. Elsewhere in September, Greys is back and so are Designated Survivor and This is US. J things are slowly looking up!

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