The Final Word on the Get Down (n)

I had a look in my cookie (series) jar over the weekend and all those half eaten (watched) series I talked about in my earlier post are almost gone. For a second there, I thought there wasn’t anything to finish watching over the weekend. Then I remembered I hadn’t finished watching the get down (you don’t know what the get down is?).

The get down is about a hip hop troupe out of the Bronx in 1978 when hip hop was being birthed. When we left them at the end of the first instalment (of season 1), it seemed like everything was looking up. Zeke got that internship in the city and Mylene was on her way to becoming a star. Before I get on to the wrap on the second part, can I just say how disappointed I was by some of the press the show attracted.

First there were reports of in cast squabbling and creative fighting amongst the directors then the show went over budget which is a bit puzzling because the show doesn’t exactly look like it has a big budget (apparently, behind The Queen, it is had the biggest budget of any Netflix show). That made me a bit sad because I was hoping the show will attract the right kind of attention. Now it’s a poster child for how to not make a tv show. Having said that, I didn’t care about the reviews, I liked the first instalment and thoroughly looked forward to the second instalment.

My overarching thought while watching the second part was that they rushed it a bit. How did we go from Mylene sneaking out to her dad finding her mum kissing Papa Fuerte. (spoiler alert, he killed himself after that) I thought woah!, that escalated real fast.

Towards the end, I thought the whole unity concert thing was very corny. It seemed like they skipped a few episodes. They just tied everything together real quick. Zeke got into Yale (from experience, I know that admission letter was a phoney. (Everyone knows that when you apply to college/uni, receiving a thin envelope is bad news – the one page letter is to let you know your application was unsuccessful. When you are accepted, you get a welcome pack along with the letter so the envelope is a lot thicker!), Mylene landed a part in a movie then moved to LA (seen?), Papa Fuerte got arrested (and he’s apparently Mylene’s Father! #bombshell. Mylene’s mum has been playing away for a minute now huh?). How come nothing happened to Fat Annie? Surely, Cadillac had to have been killed the way he was going? Also Mylene probably took drugs and there was potentially a story line where she struggles with drugs but I guess no space in the story.

The way the show ends reminds me of a little known (reality tv) show that aired on MTV a few years ago called Washington Heights. I got panned by the few people who knew I was watching it because they thought it was pointless. Washington heights is also set in New York and when it ended, it seemed like everyone just went their separate ways. In many ways it felt as if they forced square pegs in round holes just so the show could end. That’s the feeling I felt at the end of the get down and it wasn’t a fun feeling. It actually annoyed me a little.

Anyway, that’s that for the get down. I guess it comes as no surprise that the get down was cancelled at the end of the second installment. That’s probably why it felt rushed like that towards the end.

I picked up from episode 2 of claws yesterday and I have to say that show isn’t half bad you know? Expectations obviously have to be adjusted accordingly but once that happens, you will enjoy the show a lot. In other news, following the debacle from last week’s episode of power, my heart is currently lifting weights to withstand what Courtney Kemp will through at us on the season finale. The wrap on power will follow later this week when everyone has had a chance to catch up. (at least I assume it is this week but I haven’t seen any one talking about it on social media so it was either wack or they haven’t shown it. I’m too scared to check right now just in case a spoiler comes up when I do a google search. I’ll find out later tonight.)



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