The Defenders: First Look

I’m not sure why there wasn’t a lot of promo for the Defenders. I only found out about it on the day it came out (last Friday). I had to re-jig my watch list schedule to be able to accommodate it because. I actually started watching it on Sunday evening but couldn’t keep my eyes open for long enough so I went to bed and finally caught episode 1 a couple of days ago. I hope the lack of promo wasn’t because the show is low budget and rubbish.

I have only seen one episode so I am not exactly sure what the central theme of the show is but what we do know is that Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Dare Devil and Jessica Jones are central characters. Luke is out of prison now and Foggy was there when he got out. (what ever happened to the law firm he had with Daredevil? I didn’t really follow Daredevil season 2). Daredevil (sorry I don’t remember his real name) is a trial lawyer now. (I think he does pro-bono), Iron Fist is there mucking about with that Asian babe pretending like they’re not in love. I didn’t watch Iron Fist until the end but I hope they stopped fronting for each other. As for Jessica, she’s just plain old Jessica Jones, causing mischief.

It seems like all 4 heroes are out of the Hero(ing) game for now. Not sure what happened with Daredevil but he has so far resisted the urge to fight crime when someone is in Danger. Luke is looking for Mariah and Shades, Jessica seems to have given up for now and Iron Fist is chasing the hand and jumping from one parallel (read:fake) universe to the other.

Apart from when foggy appeared when Luke was getting out of Jail, there has been little or no interaction between the 4 superheroes (not that foggy is a superhero but you get my drift). I mean, there has to be a convergence at some point and I wonder what bad guys they will all combine to fight. I mean they are all based in New York so they will bump in to each other soon enough.

Not sure what the earthquake like thing was towards the end of episode 1 but maybe that’s what bring them all together? By the way where is diamond back? Luke doesn’t know what is in store for him when diamond back gets out. (he’s a dead dog). In totally random news, have you seen the poster for this show? Luke Cage looks like a big agbaya surrounded by kids. I wonder if that plays into the show itself.

Thank God the weekend is almost here. I’ll try to catch up on the show because I have lots of questions that need answering.


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