NBA Trade Alert: Kyrie goes to Bean Town

Here I was thinking my next basketball post was 2 months aawy and bam! I wake up to the Kyrie trade. If you are a regular visitor, you know I think Kyrie deserves to rot in NBA Siberia for the stupid stunt he pulled by asking to be traded because he didn’t want to be in Lebron’s shadow. We will get into that another time. Here is a breakdown of the trade.

Cleveland receive – Isaiah Thomas, Ante Zizic, Jae Crowder and a 2018 unprotected first round draft pick (belonging to the Nets with a real chance to be Marvin Bagely who is the out and out star from the next draft class).

Boston receive – Kyrie Irving

For Boston, Kyrie is definitely an upgrade on Isaiah Thomas. I don’t have the raw stats but no one finishes at the rim from impossible angles as well as Kyrie. Kyrie also has the best handles in the league – no questions asked. He might also automatically become the best player on the team right off the bat. Here’s my problem though. This is a point guard’s league and you can get a decent point guard for a lot less. I mean Derrick Rose is collecting the veteran’s minimum and they could have drafted Markelle Fultz!

I get why they dealt Isaiah Thomas. He’s 28 years old, coming off a bad hip injury and a defensive sieve (so is Kyrie by the way) but I think the major issue is that Boston were scared of paying him $30 Million next summer. Newsflash for Boston, you will have to pay Kyrie the same amount in 2019!

In my opinion, this Kings Ransom should have been offered for Paul George. A starting 5 of Fultz, Hayward, PG, Morris and Horford is able to (almost) match Golden State’s death line up. That starting line up also gives them floor spacing from all 5 positions. I think the upgrade you get from having PG and a below a Point Guard just below that All Star level gives you a better team than Taytum at the 3 and Kyrie at the 1 but whatever.

Cleveland might have snagged the better deal on this one for me because for starters, when everyone knew Kyrie wanted out, that automatically reduced their bargaining power. Also if you take out  Isaiah Thomas (who might leave next year), they (probably) have a top 5 pick who might end up being a one in a generation player, Zizic a decent young player and Jae Crowder who is an underrated part of this deal. He will relieve Lebron of some stress defensively and knock down some 3’s for them. Add to the fact that the move apparently saves Cleveland up to $29 Million in Luxury tax and theres another plus for them.

Say both Isaiah Thomas and Kyrie sign new deals in 2018 and 2019, Zizic becomes a decent role player, Cavs get the Number 1 pick and draft Marvin Bagley who becomes a beast. Solely based on this potential I think the Cavs got the better of the deal. The other thing is that I don’t think this trade even makes Boston better than Cleveland. Don’t forget Boston also traded Avery Bradley. They no longer have a Lebron Stopper and Lebron can decide to take them all on and destroy them.

By the way, what does Isaiah Thomas have to do to get some loyalty in this league? He was shipped off by Phoenix and Sacramento and he plays with the biggest chip on his shoulder. He has morphed into one of the best offensive players in the league. He proved his 2016 All Star season wasn’t a fluke by following it up with an even better season where he led the league in 4th quarter scoring. What does he get for that? Shipped off to Cleveland! I feel bad for the guy.

Anyway can’t wait until the NBA starts again. Cleveland opens their season against Boston on October 17th. Let the games begin!

My attention has now shifted to the Texas standoff between the Rockets and the Knicks. Over to you Mr. Anthony.


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