The Wrap On: Queen of the South Season 1

For the 5th or 6th Week in a row I have completed a season of a TV show over the weekend. I am pretty excited that I’m hitting these targets I’m setting on a consistent basis. This weekend, I finished off season 1 of Queen of the South.

If you remember, Queen of the South is the one in the trailer where a lady says something like she rose from nothing to become the most powerful drug lord in the western hemisphere. That made my ears perk up and I was eager to see what it was about. Truth be told the first few episodes did not really live up to what I expected. All the drug lords were men (except Epifanio’s wife) and the lady who was narrating this stuff in the trailer was still a low level pawn in the game and I was growing impatient. I gave it a rest around episode 7 or 8 because surely, if there are 12 or 13 episodes in the season, the queen should rise before the end of the first season?

I picked it up from episode 9 yesterday and for some reason, it seemed like there was so much action. (sorry some spoilers are coming up) All of a sudden, the hit on the birdman was okayed and Teresa stole drugs and ran back to Mexico to hustle some cash from El Limpiador. Then Epifanio gets elected but also two timed by his wife. Epifanio gets his back and starts taking out all the competition.

I couldn’t believe it but the show was getting exciting! Couldn’t believe Brenda died though. That made me sad (who would have thought a few weeks ago that the show would result in me feeling any type of emotion) because I felt bad for her son. I think by killing Brenda, they woke up the beast in Teresa and this is probably where the future drug mama was born. I think she uses the book as leverage and starts her empire off from there. Also, Guero is alive? (WHAT!).

Season 2 has started already and I’m sure season 2 will find its way on to my watch list somehow. I’m looking forward to how Teresa’s empire building plays out.

Now that’s out of the way, can we talk about the characters allergy to speaking Spanish? How is it that people walking around Mexico are speaking English? When the press are interviewing the newly elected governor, they are speaking English? How does that make sense? Imagine Ambode causally holding a press conference in French? Also how are Mexican drug dealers casually speaking English? Wagner Moura played Pablo Escobar even if he didn’t speak Spanish. You didn’t find him breaking into Portuguese with his cronies did you? For someone like me trying to brush up on Spanish, that’s a no Bueno from me. I think it that fact that the show is not majorly in Spanish takes away from the it’s authenticity.

Even the dialogue on the show is weird. If I didn’t know better I’d have said that the show was originally in Spanish and they made voice overs. They sound like they translated literally from Spanish to English if you have been around French people who don’t speak English very well, you will know what I mean. Rant over. After all of that, I still think the show is worth checking out.

Meanwhile, it seems like something serious happened last night on Power, people have been trying to throw spoilers at me but God has so far helped in deflecting it. I just want to get home in one piece so I can see it before anyone ruins it for me. Speaking of Drug dealers, Narcos season 3 starts next Friday! #soexcited!

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