The Wrap on Snatch, More Summer Dog Days and The Defenders!

Truth be told, I actually finished watching snatch a few weeks ago. Not sure how the wrap on that one slipped through the cracks. It’s that thing about summer dog days. To be honest the dog days are affecting my attitude towards watching series. I can hardly keep my eyes open past 11pm if my sole purpose for being up is to catch on a tv show. Add to that the fact that there is no basketball and that makes for little blogging material (for me anyway)

Anyway, to wrap up on Snatch, I was really high on it at first. Apparently, the show is loosely based on a Guy Ritchie film of the same name. I never quite saw the Guy Ritchie film myself and I only clicked on the snatch trailer because I saw that it had Rupert Grint in it and I wanted to laugh at him. I was sold on it when I saw my man Ed Westwick aka Chuck Bass wielding a rocket launcher of a gun in the trailer and promising to kill someone so I dived in.

It’s about a small time crook named Albert and his boxer mate Phil. Rupert Grint is the third pea in their pod. Albert’s dad Vic is locked up and gives Albert some money to bet on Phil’s next fight. The plan is to throw the fight in the 3rd round and cash in. That doesn’t go to plan and Al losses his dad’s money (10,000 pounds I think). Add to the fact that he lost some gangsta’s gold and Al becomes desperate.

He manages to pull off a gold heist but the problem with all that gold is who buys it? That starts a merry go round of looking for a buyer and dodging crooked cops etc. Vic even breaks out of prison to join the fun. (If you were wondering about Chuck Bass, he died in one of the early episodes). The whole thing went downhill for me when it started getting too predictable. I won’t say how it all unfolds but towards the end, everyone can see where it is going and that’s when it got boring for me.

Before that though, it was fun and exciting. I like the whole British gangsta thing with their slangs and their accents. Their humour is the best. You certainly get all of that in big doses even when the whole thing starts getting predictable.

On to other things now.

I saw a poster for something called the defenders on Netflix today. I don’t know what the defenders are but it has Luke Cage, Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist in it! Sweet Christmas! (get it?). I thoroughly enjoyed Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, not so much. Daredevil was okay. I thought we weren’t going to see Miss Jones and Mr. Cage on our screens until 2018 so this is a welcome sight for me. I think this one will get me excited about staying up at night and forget about summer dog days for a while (hopefully it doesn’t bore me).

In other news, Football is back! I love football with (almost) all my heart but I won’t write about it because quite frankly it is boring. NFL is back soon though and I’ll try my hand at NFL blogging for a bit until the NNBA comes back (on the 17th of October L).

That’s it from me.


Bon Weekend!

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