The Wrap On: Shots Fired

It has been one of those weeks where blogging has dropped to the bottom of my to do list. I have nursed a bit of guilt over this because of the wrap up post on shots fired should originally have come on Monday. The themes in Shots Fired tied in nicely with the protests for and against White Supremacy and the fall out of the riots in Charlotsville.

Even just writing the words “White Supremacy” makes my skin crawl. The problem with writing posts about political events is that it is very difficult to write without feeling like you haven’t covered all the sides to the story. That’s what was going through my head as I saw the last 4 or 5 episodes of Shots Fired. The show really picked up in those episodes and it became so multi faceted that I have already accepted that this post will not do the show justice. Guess what though? I’m going to write it anyway :-p.

Quick recap, I think Shots fired is Fox’ answer to HBO’s the night of. I’m not quite sure Shots Fired has had the same level of critical acclaim as the Night of. At the start of the show, a black cop played by Tristan Wilds kills an unarmed white kid in small town, North Carolina. The Federal Department of Justice (DOJ) sends a rookie black prosecutor and a controversial investigator (Sanaa (baby) Lathan) to investigate and decide if charges should be brought against Mr. Wilds. When they arrive, they find out that something similar happened to a black kid that did not even make the news.

That’s where all the fun starts because both the prosecutor and Sanaa decide to crack the whole thing open and they begin investigations into the death of both the white kid and the black kid. They lift the lid on a lot of things. There are corrupt (and racist) police men, racist regular people, race riots, family drama, family politics, local politics and all that good stuff.

The rookie prosecutor is some Canadian called Stephan James who is 23 years old. Why is this important? Because he had a sex scene (a couple of sex scenes actually) with Sanaa Baby. Now Sanaa is 45 but she’s aging like fine wine. Sanaa’s age is not as important as the fact that Mr. James was 6 years old when Love and Basketball came out. 6 years old! Now he gets to roll around in a bed with Sanaa Baby (it doesn’t matter that they were acting and that there were tons of people in the scene when they were shooting the scene). I saw Sanaa in a play a couple of years ago and she’s an absolutely stunning natural beauty! That’s when I christened her Sanaa Baby. I don’t know where Mr. James gets off and thinks he can just fondle her as he pleases!

Anyway as you can probably tell, I have left out any spoilers from the post so far but there were so many twists and turns that struck home. If you like political thrillers with twists and turns, Shots Fired will be your think. You can thank me later! J


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