Insecure Season 2: First Look

Insecure is back! (look how I’m getting excited as if I’m not a late convert). I am two episodes deep and I now feel part of the team. Issa and Mollie are my girls and I have my opinions on Issa’s relationship. Speaking of Issa, she seems like such a natural fit for the role. I can just imagine her being the exact same way in real life. The question then becomes is she a good actor or has she just been cast in the right part. I guess we’ll never know until she stars in something else. I guess she was in Awkward black girl which I have never seen but just by the name, you can tell her character is similar to Issa.


Let’s get this out of the way quickly, Lawrence’s side piece/current situation/friend with benefit has a banging body (insert love struck smiley here). Her face is kinda meh but that body gets a 10. I feel bad for her because she doesn’t realize she’s collateral damage. By the way, was I the only person who found the sex scene between Issa and Lawrence incredibly awkward? Half way through, I was expecting Issa to flash back to reality. Alas that didn’t happen and now we are stuck with the consequences. A random thought came to my head while I was watching that scene. What if Issa got preggo ego during that brief and no doubt unenjoyable experience. How funny would that be?


What really got me excited though was the last scene of episode 2 when it seems like Issa is finna begin her hoeing phase (yes!). This is where (hopefully) things get interesting. Ideally I’d like to see Issa get her hoeing on to make Lawrence jealous. (She probably will). For Lawrence to be jealous, he obviously has to find out about the hoeing (I’m sure he will find out one way or another because that’s how these things work). Issa’s hoeing will get to him and he will come running back. By that time of course, it will be too late! J


What I don’t get is why Lawrence is still messing around with his side piece. He gave himself the perfect escape route when he told her he slept with Issa. Why did he stick around and go up for food later in the episode?


Now he’s going to hang around her out of guilt which is the worstest thing he can do. She will just be a sitting duck. I hope she cheats on him too actually. That would really bring me joy.


Moving on to Mollie, am I the only one who thinks she is getting reduced screen time? Nothing has really happened yet for her. I know I’ve only seen two episodes but the most notable thing that has happened to her is this gender pay equality thing she was dealing with which I don’t find too interesting to be honest.


Overall, it doesn’t feel like the show skipped a beat. I’m here for finding out where the journey takes us.




1 thought on “Insecure Season 2: First Look”

  1. Really loving this write up.

    I personally think Issa’s acting skills for this role comes from her character in real life (weird, but likely true). But overall, I think she is a good actress.

    “Incredibly awkward’ (lol) indeed! You read my mind on this and Yes! I was waiting for Issa to snap back to reality from the “incredibly awkward” sex scene. But guess what? Sex after some break ups can be that awkward in reality….so, I will let that scene pass.

    Lastly, See Lawrence come to his F-boy game in episode 3.

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