Greenleaf: Second Look

Another weekend and another chance for me to wrap up on another show. I wrapped on Greenleaf over the weekend. Greenleaf was a funny one. It started of slow but the excitement slowly built up for me and while each episode doesn’t leave you with heart thumping suspense, there is enough in there that makes you want to tune in to the next episode.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this when I did the post on the first look but every time I watch or think about Greenleaf, I sing the lyrics to Shaggy’s Church Heathen in my head. To recap, Greenleaf is about a family owned mega church based in Memphis Tennessee. If you are Nigerian, you can probably relate to the idea of a family owned mega church with their own private jet. The family owns a fleet of flashy cars and live on a massive estate.

Things kick off when the favourite daughter (Pastor Grace) comes home for her sister’s (Faith) funeral. Faith committed suicide after years of sexual abuse by their Uncle Mac. Grace had enough of the family politics and moved 2,000 miles away to Phoenix. She decides to stick around to get to the bottom of this Uncle Mac business. Uncle Mac is a scumbag by any definition of the word but he is also instrumental to a lot of the Church’ success.

Anyway while Grace is off playing detective, we find out other things. I was mentioning to someone the other day that there wasn’t enough heathen behaviour on the show. I take that back now. We have a gay son in – law, we have pastor grace smashing the head of security who is engaged, we have the oldest son Jacob openly admitting to cheating on his wife (meanwhile I suspect his wife is getting up to her own hanky panky but we have no proof). Last but not least, we have Pastor Greenleaf himself ordering an old church to be burned. Meanwhile a man died in that fire and the Man’s son has now employed Jacob and is intent no taking the Calvary Chapel (that’s the name of the Greenleaf’s church) down. Oh I forgot, when Pastor Greenleaf found out Uncle Mac abused faith, he shot uncle Mac.

That’s enough heathen behaviour wouldn’t you say? Season 1 ended on a bit of a cliffhanger. After Uncle Mac got shot, Grace called the police who arrested Uncle Mac. Uncle Mac didn’t press charges against Pastor Greenleaf for the shooting but Uncle Mac managed to squirm his way out of prison. Season 1 ends with the FBI and Uncle Mac pulling up to the Greenleaf’s house to come and arrest daddy Greenleaf for arson and manslaughter.

I actually thought that season 2 started at some point in the fall but it has started already! I know what happens in the first episode of season 2 but I won’t spill. This post is about season 1 so let’s leave it at that? Insecure is back! I have seen the first two episodes and it picks up where it left off (swing by for that post tomorrow). Football is back as well so that tells you that summer is running out. I have an eye on the NFL so look out for one or two posts on that until the NBA returns.

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