Look away now if you aren’t up to date on Power

Excuse me but why are so many people killed on each episode of Power? I mean I have no issues with the drugs and scheming. My 2 main problems with the killing are (1) I doubt this is how drug dealers or even just day to day people commit and witness murder (maybe I don’t know so much about the real life drug life). My second thing is how come there are never any police reports in to the killings of these people. How about their families? They don’t care that their love one has been killed?

Let’s take episode 6 (forgive me if I’m leaving anyone out) first up, Dre arranges for Julio to get clipped. Julio was attacked by 3 people and managed to kill 2 before the 3rd person killed him so in that scene alone, 3 people died.

Kill count: 3

Then out in Chicago, Jimmy the Serb killed another Serbian Gangsta (okay nameless Serbian gangstas don’t rank very high on the scale of importance). Moving on Ghost and Kanan go to rob the stash house. Ghost clocks (at least he doesn’t kill) one guy on the way up Kanan hits the other one on the back of the head. I was thinking this is going well before the guy doing the money count attempts to pull a gun and gets clipped (probably deservedly so)  and then on the way out, Kanan kills one of the guys on the floor just for good measure.

Kill count: 6

On the way back from Chicago, Tommy detours through Cleveland, confronts Hollies uncle who molested Hollie (and yes you guessed it) bludgeons him to death with a baseball bat. It’s ironic that Tommy is playing god against someone who molested Hollie. Meanwhile, he killed Hollie. Absolutely hilarious.

Kill count: 7

Moving on in the death Game, Kanan and Ghost confront Jukebox (my girl Anika Noni Rose) and after some jostling here and there, she gets clipped too.

Kill count: 8

That’s how people just kill other people abi?

My main thing like I said is that aren’t there any consequences for all these killings? Like who will clean up the mess. Ghost just got out of prison and he’s around all the killings? Really? No lawyers nothing? So we just kill people and move on? Don’t even get me started on the killings in the earlier episodes. I actually covered by eyes while Charlie Murphy was getting pummeled by weights.

I am probably jumping the gun a little bit because I bet most of these deaths will be revisited in future episodes. I guess I was just particularly against the killings in episode 6 because every death brings another layer of complications and I guess I wanted things to progress smoothly.

Speaking of things moving quickly, Power has been getting my heart rate up. I generally like my heart rate being fairly steady. My stomach gets tied up in knots while all of this is happening too. It takes me back to Prison Break season 1 all again. Sigh!

Apparently, the show’s creator tried to get the network to extend the season to 12 episodes and the network declined. Apparently, this is why so much happened in episode 6. The network’s stance doesn’t really make sense when you consider that Power is the most popular show on the network. Now 50 is threatening to take his talents elsewhere.

I like the direction of the show so far and I peeped the trailer for episode 7 and it seems like there is more stomach churning stuff (for me anyway) in the future.

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