This is Us: Second Look

I’m really making progress on this quest to wrap up at least one show each week this summer. I finished watching Season 1 of This is Us over the weekend. Greenleaf is up next then El Chapo then Queen of the South then Shots Fired then if things get really bad maybe I’ll consider Claws. Power is special so that gets watched at the earliest available opportunity. Anyway this post is about This is Us so let’s get to it!

How do we not know how Jack died? I thought for sure we’d find out in the last episode and when Katie says in the penultimate episode that she caused her dad’s death, I was expecting him to crash his car when he made the impulsive decision to go and watch Rebecca perform then I thought he’d die on the way back from the performance but nothing happened. If the show hadn’t featured his ashes, I’d really question whether he was dead in the first place.

If we don’t know how Jack died then it goes without saying that we don’t know how Rebecca and Miguel shacked up together. Miguel has scumbag written on his forehead as far as I’m concerned for egregious breaches of guy code (leave Rebecca out of this for a second) and he needs to do a lot to convince me that scumbag should be erased from his forehead. I didn’t even want Jack to go to Miguel’s house at the end of the last episode. Jack should have gone to a motel or something. What goes on between Jack and Rebecca is nothing to do with Miguel in my opinion. Jack should figure things out on his own. At the end of the day, Miguel didn’t consult him when Miguel and his wife decided to split up.

My theory is that Jack goes to live with Miguel and Miguel starts forming supportive friend and ends up stealing Rebecca (or maybe Jack died on the way to Miguel’s house? lol). I always assumed Miguel and Rebecca got together after Jack died but I wonder if Miguel and Rebecca got together before he died. If that happened, the scumbag on Miguel’s head will have to be erased and written in upper case.

By the way, Katie really needs to lose weight in real life. I’m half hoping that she is wearing some kind of fat suit because her weight is a bit worrying. I wonder whether the production team should have a greater responsibility in helping her in her weight loss journey. It is ironic that in the show, she starts and quits fat camp. I was there thinking maybe she needs to do fat camp in real life?

As for Randall, I hope his attempts at finding himself doesn’t negatively affect his family. I mean that’s a really nice house he has and a really nice car too. I bet his daughter’s tuition cost a fortune as well. It will be a shame if his family suffers because he’s finding himself. He already wants to adopt a kid. I feel sorry for his wife because this isn’t what she signed up for.

I really enjoyed watching This is Us and what they do by switching between the past and present is absolutely brilliant. Now they’re going further back to show how Jack and Rebecca first met. I think that’s even more brilliant and I can’t wait to see what direction the show moves in when season 2 starts in the fall.

Meanwhile Greenleaf is heating up! Pastor Grace is there fornicating with Noah (who’s about to be married). I literally gasped when she started making out with him. I see you girl.


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