LHHH is Back!

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood is back (sorry I’ll just call it LHHH from here on in because the full thing is too long to type) and I caught the first episode yesterday. They done switched things up yo! I think VH1 hahs increased their budget. Let’s start with the new cast members – Keyshia Cole (Oh dear. Why Keyshia baby?) is on. I hear she’s making a million dollars (please don’t get into any physical fights). Her baby daddy Daniel Boobie Gibson is there as well. He actually lives in her house even if they’re not in a relationship (what?).

My girl Brooke Valentine is there as well (She had that song “Girl Fight” around 2006 with Big Boi). She looks good – My! My!. I remember her because she gave an interview one time saying she’s part Nigerian. She’s dating some guy who is divorced but we find out he’s not really divorced. You can’t make this ratchetness up. I haven’t heard any new music from her in at least 10 years though. She probably needs that cheque. She has a kid and that tuition isn’t going to pay itself!

I didn’t know Hazel E was back on. It seems like she came back towards the end of the last season but I didn’t finish watching that season.

Teeaira Marie’s gay (bi?) cousin is there as well. I don’t remember his name now. Fetty Wap’s ex-girlfriend is there as well. Bear in mind Fetty Wap cheated on her and got Masika pregnant. How she agreed to be on the show, I’ll never know. Gotta hand Mona Scott the credit for that one. Oh and in the preview of the season that they showed Channel West Coast from Ridiculousness. Did you know she was a rapper? (lol). I didn’t know either until Charlamagne ate her up on Ridiculousness.

By the way Moniece got her a new set of ta-ta’s and is now dating a woman – that seems like a publicity stunt to me. Speaking of ta-ta’s they seemed to be everywhere in that new episode. Masika looks like the got a new rack as well. Miss Nikki baby is still staying trying to force hers in to our faces.

Back to Masika, I think she fancies herself as the show’s queen bee. I mean I don’t blame her. A famous rapper “shot her club up” and she’s now being referenced in Nicki Minaj raps. You can tell she’s almost proud of the way she came up. The only thing I’ll say to that is I haven’t heard any bangers from Fetty Wap in a while. I hope he saved up a lot of money from his platinum album. Not sure he will be able to keep up those hefty child support payments for long if we don’t get any bangers soon. I wonder what Masika will do next.

The one thing that upsets me about LHHH and Love and Hip Hop generally are the fights. I mean there is enough scripted drama as it is. Why will you get dressed in your nice outfit, go to a decent establishment to eat or have drinks then start throwing fists, drinks and everything in sight at the drop of a hat. Scrap that, I don’t blame the women, I blame Mona Scott and the producers. Maybe the fighting drives up ratings and I don’t know what ratchet TV really is.

My favourite part of the whole episode was at the end where they break you off with a little preview of what is coming next. It seemed very exciting to me. I’m strapped in and I’m ready for this ride!

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