The Crown – Second Look

It has been a reaaaaaaally busy week and I have somewhat slacked on blogging but the update post on The Crown is something I really wanted to get through. I originally planned to write this post on Monday but I didn’t get round to watching the last episode of the Crown until last night so that tells you what kind of week it has been!

Anyway, I’m not sure where I stopped when I did the first run through but I will recap. The Crown charts Queen Elizabeth’s life around the time of her ascension to the throne. It chronicles her struggles with adapting to her new position, her relationship with amongst others Churchill, her husband, her mum, her sister and her struggles with her responsibility. I think it provides a fascinating insight into someone we don’t (I certainly didn’t until I saw The Crown) know much about.

The thing that is clear from watching The Crown is that to be the Queen or King, you must put the role above everything else – relationships, your personal wishes, sentiments – everything. You have to separate yourself from the office. You almost have no life in your personal capacity. Queen Elizabeth sometime struggled with people telling her what she could and couldn’t do so even is she was the queen and technically she could do what she wanted, law and practice really restricted what she could and couldn’t do.

The other thing I realised is that there are two types of Royals. Those who embrace the responsibility and dedicate their lives to it – the queen and her father for example and those who aren’t here for all that personal sacrifice – (the queen’s uncle abdicated the throne because he was in love with a twice, maybe thrice divorced American lady. He eventually moved to America with her) then there is Princess Margaret who was the Queen’s sister – How did I not know who she was? She seemed an absolute legend and was played by a stunning young lady called Vanessa Kirby (totally looked her up). Princess Margaret was also prevented from marrying her love – also a divorced father of 2.

What I found interesting is that Princess Margaret needed consent of parliament before she could get married to her lover. The cabinet (which contained 4 divorcees including the Prime Minister at the time I might add) refused to sanction the marriage on religious grounds. The Church of England also noted their reservations to the marriage.

Now remember the British spread Christianity through most of their colonies and now (in 2011 anyway), the percentage of British people that went to church at least once a week is 20%. What does that say about how much they believed in what they were spreading if they haven’t been able to pass on those same values to the next generation? I’m not here to discuss the merits of religion but the point I’m making is that the Cabinet and parliament were obviously being hypocritical by blocking Margaret’s wedding.

Then there is Prince Phillip. You kind of feel for the guy. He obviously didn’t sign up for the life of being in the Queen’s shadow and he almost comes across as if he is there purely for comic relief. Having said that though, the relief is very funny. I wonder how accurate his depiction is because he seems very aloof and uninterested in all this royal business. Not to mention that he insinuated Prince Charles was a queer.

I thoroughly enjoyed the crown. I actually thought it was a one – off mini series so imagine my delight when I found out there will be another season! Cant wait!

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