My Thoughts On: Kyrie’s Trade Request

I didn’t think I’d write another basketball post until September at the earliest but Mr. Kyrie Irving had other ideas. Mr Irving has demanded that the Cleveland Cavaliers trade him to another team. Depending on who you believe, he is tired of playing second fiddle to Lebron and wants to be the star of the show somewhere that is not North East Ohio. Now he has also allegedly given the Cavs a list of teams he wants to join and these include the Spurs, the Timberwolves, the Heat or the Knicks (i’ll come to assess this bit later) but I want to talk a bit about the Kobe angle.

Of course Kobe’s name has been invoked in all of this. Apparently, Kobe has been in his ear telling him that he won’t be a true great if he doesn’t leave Cleveland. I think that’s a load of Baloney and if Kobe really said that then it shows why I never really fancied Kobe as a player. He drank his own Kool Aid a bit too much. Mamba mentality ko, Mamba mentality ni.

Moving on. I think Kyrie has this whole process misunderstood. Because Melo gave the knicks a list of teams he wants to play for, Kyrie thinks he can do the same thing (ask Paul George how that worked out for him). I have news for you Kyrie, you don’t have a no trade clause and you have at least 2 years left on your contract so you literally have no bargaining power. If I had my way, you’d be sentenced to NBA Siberia – (that used to be Sacramento but they seem to be trending upwards these days. Maybe the Bulls or even Charlotte who can’t seem to get out of third gear).

If the list of teams Kyrie supposedly gave the Cavs is true then I smell a bit of hypocrisy in the air. If he gets traded to the Spurs, there is no way he is the “Star” of the team. They have their own 26 year old super star in Kawhi Leonard. Ditto for Minnesota. I don’t see them moving any of Jimmy Butler, KAT or Andrew Wiggins for him so if he goes there, he becomes the 4th Star? Miami will be a decent option but can Kyrie carry a team? Remember he and Waiters didn’t exactly gel in Cleveland plus in the 3 years between when Kyrie was drafted and when Lebron returned, the team were 75 games under .500. 75 games! now he wants a team built around him. You know what, I actually wish he ends up in New York so the media spot light eats him up.

I thought this whole thing was about winning. Everywhere you look, people are trying to form super teams, this one is saying he wants out? and his reasons for wanting out seriously make you doubt how much he wants that second ring.

Where does that leave Lebron and the Cavs? Well they signed Derrick Rose. If Derrick Rose is your starting point guard in 2017, you have problems. Cleveland definitely won’t trouble Golden State with that move. I thought teams were supposed to be making it easier for Golden State not gift wrapping them the title!

Anyway rant over. Love and Hip Hop Hollywood is back! So looking forward to some ratchet tv. My wrap up post on the Crown should also come through this week.


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