Writers Block and a Trip Down Memory Lane

As far as this blog goes, yesterday was one of the days I feared the most. Normally, I have tv shows lined up in my head for the week then I watch and then get to blogging. Things have been getting a bit barren out here and this blog will go up in smoke the minute I watch something I don’t to watch just to have something to blog about. Same thing goes for the AUX chronicles. I don’t sit there and think of what theme comes next. I usually have the ideas in advance and work through the songs that fit with the theme.

All through yesterday, I kept trying to figure out something interesting to watch when I got home. Usually when I get like that, I usually find some inspiration before I get home. My mind fired blanks all day yesterday. I knew I was in dire straits when I started scrolling through Netflix looking for something to watch. I scrolled through a bunch of things that made me want to stop looking for tv shows and start fiddling with my phone.

Then I found it! Californication! It’s a Thursday and one of the original ideas for the blog was to run through old shows I used to watch. I tried it with Boston Legal and I hadn’t done it in a while so I thought I’d go for a little trip down memory lane yesterday. If you never saw Californication, it was equal parts thought provoking and funny.

The central character in the show is a man named Hank Moody aka David Duchovny. All I knew about him before Californication was that he was in X files and had a stint in rehab for sex addiction. Hank is a struggling writer living in LA and has recently split from his Baby Mama and love of his life Karen (who cheated on him). This seemingly turned Hank into a sex crazed individual who leaves different women in his wake. I always wondered why he played such a role after a stint in rehab for sex addiction.

It all comes across as very light but it is very layered. On the one hand, there is Hank fighting for Karen and at the same time acting like a sex depraved maniac. There’s Karen who just wants to be happy and loves but doesn’t trust Hank. Then there is Becca (Hank and Karen’s daughter) who is exposed to too much too soon and understandably develops issues as she gets older. That’s Hank’s family thing.

Then there is Hank’s career. He’s very talented but seems to lack hunger. He kind of reminds me of Vinny Chase in that season of Entourage where the world was seemingly caving in on him. There’s Hank’s Agent played by Evan Handler who has been in the people vs OJ and I think he was also in Sex and the City. He and his wife have a combustible/beautiful relationship which translates very well on screen. I stumbled on Californication right around when I turned 21 and for a while there, Hank Moody provided me with the idea of what you shouldn’t be in a relationship. Having said that though, I still consider Hank to be my guy. He is partly responsible for my desire to want to own a 1970’s old school Porsche with all the original bells and whistles.

While watching it yesterday, I imagined it will be a one time thing but I enjoyed watching it again. It sort of felt like I was reminiscing. Good thing we have a long weekend coming up. I want to continue this trip down memory lane.

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