Terrence J has a New Show – (its not very good)

I haven’t binged on any trashy reality tv shows lately and I have really been on the look out for something new. I’ll get round to the bachelorette when they’re done. On weekends, I try to catch as many episodes of Ex on the Beach as I can. Every now and then I try to look for information on the new season of the real world – nothing so far. Ditto for ANTM save for the fact that Tyra is coming back, not much news on that front. Ooh and I hear there is a new Jersey Shore reunion coming soon. Most of the gang has signed up except for Sammy, Vinny and Ron. I hope Sammy and Vinny come back. Ron can stay exactly where he is, we don’t need his stupidness! It should be fun when it finally gets off the ground. Apparently, this is the first in a series of reunion specials that will air on E! featuring ex reality tv show participants.

Anyway, Terrence J was on The Breakfast Club last week or so and he mentioned that he has a show coming out called safe word. The show pits two celebrity friends against each other. There are 3 different parts. In part 1, both celebrities swap phones and attempt to tweet something controversial from each other’s account. If you say your “Safe Word”, the tweet won’t go out but that counts against you. In round 2, you tell embarrassing stories about each other. Same idea – if you don’t like or are worried about the story, you can stop the person half way and yell the safe word. Round 3 is the lie detector round where they ask you embarrassing questions and we can all tell if you are lying. You can’t use the Safe Word in this round. (what’s the point of this segment is you can’t use your safe word – so there is no scoring. Are they just trying to drum up controversy?)

The loser has to “face their fear”. Episode 1 was with Damien Dante Wayans and Kevin Hart. Did you know it was Damian Dante Wayans was in Malibu’s Most Wanted? Until yesterday, I totally thought it was Big Tigger. Lol. The show kind of flattered to deceive. I found myself chuckling here and there. I didn’t laugh out like I thought I would. The tweets weren’t that controversial and even in the section where they were throwing dirt at each other, the stories weren’t that funny.

At the end where they had to face their fear, Kevin Hart had to do whatever dances they asked him to do. Clearly, Kevin Hart does not have any problem embarrassing himself so what’s the point of asking him to do something that isn’t embarrassing. I didn’t even stick around to see all that. I just stopped watching it and went on to try and roundup This is Us since I’m still on the quest to finish almost everything I started watching this year. Speaking of This is Us, that show is mighty emotional. My gosh!

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