Lagos Big Boy – First Look

Lagos Big Boy is the latest in what seems to be a conveyor belt of new age Nigerian TV shows. On the one hand, you can’t be mad at it. Actually you should be happy because it provides a platform people the chance to act out their passions (get it?). Initially, there were just Ndani and Ebony Life (does Africa Magic count?) and even then, they didn’t have that many shows between themselves. Now Accelerate TV and Red TV have joined the fray and it seems like there is a bit of an arms race to see who the top dog is. There are so many shows now (of varying quality) that I could decide to dedicate this blog to reviewing only Nigerian shows and I’d have a ton of stuff to blog about.

I therefore only review the shows that stand out to me. The promo poster for Lagos Big Boy did stand out to me (peep it below). I thought it was a documentary about Lagos Big Boys and how they spend their way through life. I saw the trailer maybe two weeks ago and was a bit underwhelmed to be fair. I didn’t like that I could tell that the guys were acting. I expect this when I’m watching the show but not in the trailer.


When I did the review for Inspector K, I decided that the bar wouldn’t be lowered for Nigerian shows and with that in mind, I sat down to watch the first two episodes of Lagos Big Boy. In the first scene, you can tell that the main characters are anything but “Big Boys”. One of them is unemployed, one is a part time drug dealer and I’m not sure exactly what the third one does.

The first thing that came to mind (and I say this after having noticed the same thing in one or two other shows) was whether there are really unemployed 20 something year olds who live in serviced apartments in Lekki, sell drugs sometimes and chase (pipe?) dreams maybe I’m naïve or whatever but I struggle to relate to the characters and as a result I find myself nit picking at different things on the show.

After two episodes, I really don’t know what the show is about and how the show ties into the title. Allow me to summarise. Episode 1 opens with 2 of the “big boys” fighting because guy 1 gave guy 2’s weed to someone to use as a prop in a music video. All 3 guys then go to the video director’s house. The videos director runs away and they take his recording equipment and hope to sell the equipment to repay the weed guy. In the course of horsing around, they find out guy 2 can sing. This leads into episode 2 where the guys are chasing a record deal for the guy who can sing. Now there were obviously other things that happened but that is all that sticks in my head.

The thing is with these Nigerian shows, if you don’t have a relationship with any of the cast members then the story line will have to be strong enough to keep you coming back. Unfortunately, this show doesn’t do it for me. I actually don’t think I’ll watch another episode. I’ll just wait for my faves from the Ndani stable, Gidi Up and Skinny Girl in Transit (shout out Miss Craig!) Speaking of Gidi Up, I can’t wait until it returns. It is one of the few Nigerian shows that will have my attention no matter how rubbish it is. Lagos Big Boy on the other hand doesn’t have such privileges.


1 thought on “Lagos Big Boy – First Look”

  1. Finally I’m not the only one who thought it would be a documentary. That would have been more interesting.
    I found it very bleh and like you will definitely not be watching it again.
    Gidi up needs to come back like yesterday.

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