Summer Dog Days, NBA Free Agency Wraps up… What’s Next

Summer Dog Days are finally here. I have dreaded this since I started the blog. The NBA has been crazy these past few weeks. Free agency has been on another level. All the teams (out west anyway) are loading up to take shot at Golden State. It has been hard to keep up with all the excitement. Things are dying down now though L. Only basketball nerds such as myself are squeezing out what we can get in terms of action. In the spirit of squeezing stuff out, there is a fair bit to squeeze out. After this though, that’s where the real struggle starts. The Big 3 league hasn’t provided as much excitement as I thought it would. Summer league is on now (more on that below) but let’s not kid ourselves, summer league is foreplay.

Here is a wrap on some things that didn’t make the cut from the last round up:

Hayward finally signed with the Celtics. Right move for him. Celtics are still second best in the East without Paul George. Good news is that Boston have good young players in Taytum and Jaylen Brown by the way so I guess the powder is still dry for Danny Ainge to make a move.

Patrick Patterson signed a very cheap (16 million over 4 years) deal in OKC. Resigning Lowry and Ibaka is already having consequences for the Raptors. Raymond Felton joins Patrick Patterson in OKC as Westbrook’s back up. I actually like Felton. His reputation has been tarnished by that gun charge he caught but he gives OKC steady hands and play making while Westbrook sits. Patterson gives them floor stretching which they will need because Roberson can’t shoot and PG + Westbrook will take all the attention.

Jamal Crawford signed in Minnesota. I like this move for Minnesota. He gives them floor spacing everyone was clamouring for and I guess he is a better option than my man Shabazz Muhammed. I hope Shabazz finds a good landing spot (Pelicans please give him a call). Minnesota doesn’t have enough elite shooting but Crawford at lease gives them another wing and play making option.

Sacramento Kings? What are you doing guys? First you draft 2 point guards (good) then sign another point guard to a $57 Million deal? Then you trade Cousins to give Labissiere, Willy Cauley Stein and Papagiannis room to grow (understandable) then you sign Zach Randolph to a $24 Million deal (to do what exactly?) to top it all off, you give Vince Carter (a 40 year old man!) $8 million to play basketball. You’re not chasing a ring so what are you giving him that money for.

Speaking of the Kings, their nonsensenss led Rudy Gay to the Spurs. (where do you reckon Rudy fits in?) does he start at the 4? I don’t see him coming off the bench. I know LaMarcus Aldridge doesn’t want to play the 5. Actually maybe Rudy comes off the bench. A healthy spurs team still has the best chance to run GSW to the limit.

Milos Teodosic is on the Clippers. I saw him during the Olympics last year and he’s a pass first guy. You know I love me some pass first guys. He comes in and gives them instant play making. He’s kind of like a Ricky Rubio guy (but he can shoot!). He and Beverley can even play together. Gallo finally joined them too. I hope he can play at least 70 games this year. I have had a soft spot for him ever since he blew his knee out.

Kelly Olynyk got $50 Million to go to Miami – aint mad at that. Keep getting those cheques big guy

I didn’t like the Avery Bradley to Detroit trade for Boston. I think he’s a lot better than Marcus Smart who presumably takes up his place but I get it. They let Amir Johnson go so they needed a big who can defend and stretch the floor and Marcus Morris gives them that on a manageable deal. They sve salary by trading Bradley plus Avery is a free agent next year and they knew they won’t be able to keep him. Still is that how you do your longest serving, most loyal player?

Corey Joseph got traded to Indiana for CJ Miles. Okayish move but Corey Joseph carried the Raptors a few times last season. I don’t know much about Mr. Miles but I know he started out last season on fire behind the line and faded out as the season wore on.

Demarre Carroll got traded to the Nets for gentleman called Justin Hamilton (who later got waved). Mr Carroll then proceeded to talk rubbish that the Raptors didn’t trust themselves – shut up sir.

Jeff Green signed in Cleveland for one year ($2.3 million). He’s just jumping from club to club.

Otto Porter ($106m/4 years) and James Harden ($228m/6 years) got paid!

Waiting on:

Rondo make a move sir! I’m waiting

Derrick Rose – You too. Make your mind up!

Pelicans – make a move! (or moves)

Feel bad for Kentavoious Caldwell – Pope. He expected to get paid this summer but it doesn’t feel like that money is coming any time soon.

I’m hearing Houston are going hard after Melo. They better give up only Ryan Anderson and a bag of chips if not they will mortgage their competitiveness.

Summer League

I only watch summer league to see who is over hyped. Lonzo Ball was the first person I was interested in. through 2 games, he was something like 2/15 from 3 point land. His passing has been as good as advertised but he clearly still has work to do. If that shot doesn’t come on, he will struggle mightily. Jayson Taytum has been better than expected but he doesn’t shoot the 3 that well. I think he’s at 33%. De’Aaron Fox has performed as expected. Quick hands and quick feet, nice finishes around the rim but can’t shoot to save his life. Speaking of a Wall like player, I checked out John Wall’s stats and John Wall once shot 7% from 3. No that wasn’t a typo. He actually shot 7% from three. He’s not so bad now so I guess there is hope for Fox. I didn’t know much about Dennis Smith but he looked very poised out there and shot the ball very well. Josh Jackson disappointed me the most. All I saw were ‘intagibles’. Sorry sir but you need to put numbers on the board too. He of course is also an atrocious shooter.

Markelle Fultz was a bit inconsistent until he injured himself. Maybe that philly revolution won’t take off when we expect because don’t forget Ben Simmons is also a rookie so a lot of patience will be required next season.

I expected Jaylen Brown, Marquisse Chris and some of the other 2nd year players to stand out but they looked just like rookies out there. What an overrated rookie class that was!

That about wraps up basketball for the season for me. I will scour the internet for any interesting things that deserve to be written about but won’t overdo it.

Maybe I will write about football (Soccer) when that starts. I’m not too keen on though. American football gets me excited so maybe I’ll try to document my experience of navigating through the NFL on here. Who knows? Meanwhile there are a few interesting things I am looking forward to watching over the next few weeks – Snowfall, Lagos Big Boys, Defiant Ones (Dre and Jimmy Iovine documentary) and one or two others. I also wrapped up Greys (how am I still watching that) and Snatch over the weekend so I’m ready for the new tv season already!


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