NBA Free Agency Round Up: Vol. 1

Free Agency hit us with a bang on Saturday Morning. So much was going on edge the whole day. I woke up to the Paul George trade. All day, deal after deal kept going through. Things settled down after Sunday so we can bring our heads up for air. If you were not following everything don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. I will run through all the major happenings between Saturday and today.

PG13 to the Thunder (Indiana get Oladipo and Sabonis in return): I’m not sure how Boston let this one slip through. I thought they stood a chance of winning it all if they added Paul George and Gordon Hayward. Now they’re putting Hayward’s name on the scoreboard at Fenway Park to try and woo him when all they had to do was sign Paul George. That would have done all the talking. On to the trade itself, the popular opinion (which I agree with) is that Indiana got fleeced. To me, it doesn’t cover the Thunder in glory either. With PG and Westbrook, the Thunder are at best the 4th best team in the West. What’s the point? In the words of the great American Philosopher otherwise known as Walter White; “No Half Measures” plus you don’t know if PG will re-up after 1 year. The Thunder have met with Rudy Gay – I like Rudy Gay a lot but he won’t get you over the hump I’m sorry. So the Thunder won that trade in the short term but I can bet they lose long term.

In other news;

  • Curry signed the $205 Million super-max deal – the richest in NBA history
  • Paul Milsap signed for 3 years and $90 million in Denver – I wish he went to Minnesota. Denver need a decent Point Guard. Jameer Nelson can’t be your most steady Point Guard in 2017. Mudiay needs to learn how to shoot and cut down his turnovers. I’m hearing Kenneth Faried might be on the move too – remember when Faried was talked about as one of the rising stars of the NBA?
  • Andre Iguodala flirted with Houston and the Kings but he’s back in Golden State – 3 years $48 Million
  • Blake Griffin re-upped in LA for 5 years and something like $173 Million. I think the Clips should have let him go. He gets injured at the worst times and hasn’t played more than 67 games since 2014. Understandably the clips got spookedafter the CP3 They have Patrick Beverly at the point and are going after Gallinari. Don’t forget they also lost JJ Reddick. Even if they get Gallo, I don’t see them getting past the first round of the playoffs so again I ask what is the point? Blow it up and start over.
  • The Sacramento Kings offered restricted free agent Otto Porter $106 Million over 4 years. Holy smokes that’s a lot of money for Otto Porter and I don’t think the Wizards should match it. A core of Wall, Beal and Porter doesn’t get you closer to Lebron in the east. Let porter walk please.
  • Speaking of the Wizards, they offered John Wall a $176 Million deal over 4 years but he hasn’t signed it. What are you playing at John?
  • Minnesota is having a mini Chicago reunion. They already have Jimmy Butler and they added Taj Gibson – 2 years, $28 Million. They sorted their Point Guard issue out and signed Jeff Teague to a 3 year $57 Million deal (that’s a lot of money for Jeff Teague). On the down side, they let my man Shabazz Muhammed I’m sure he will get a solid landing spot somewhere.
  • The Raptors are in the same position as the Wizards and Clippers. They signed Kyle Lowry to a 3 year $100 Million deal and gave Serge Ibaka $60 something Million over 3 years. Remember they maxed out Derozan last year. They almost have nothing left in the tank and now they are trying to trade one of their decent role players (Cory Joseph) to free up cap room. Remember they also have Patrick Patterson (one of the better stretch 4’s out there) hanging. All of this for what? To get to the second round of the playoffs and lose to Boston or Cleveland? I’m not sure what the alternative is but there must be a better way to improve the team?
  • I like what the 76ers are going. They signed JJ Reddick to a 1 year $23 Million deal and also signed my man Amir Johnson to a 1 year $11 Million deal. Reddick will space the floor for them and give them a veteran locker room presence. Amir Johnson brings toughness and defense. Add these to Fultz, Embiid and Simmons and I think you have yourself a playoff team in the east if everyone stays healthy.

I’m hearing

  • Carmelo Anthony will waive his no trade clause to go to Houston or Cleveland. If Cleveland can work out a way to keep Kevin Love and bring Melo on board, the Cavs will be very dangerous. If he goes to Houston, does that get them past Golden State? I doubt it.


  • Gordon Hayward has met with Boston. He still has to meet Miami and Utah. I want to see him in Boston.


  • Derrick Rose is meeting with the Bucks! I like that move for the Bucks actually. As long as it is a 2 year deal with a team option for the second year. The Bucks need more perimeter shooting though.


  • Gallinari is meeting with the Clips


  • Nick Young has been drawing serious attention from different teams. I’m hearing he met with New Orleans but it seems like he might end up in Golden State


  • New York is interested in George Hill. I want George Hill on a better team than that but it seems like he’s going to have to take what he gets. Also just saw that he is discussing a 1 year deal with the Lakers. I have 2 things to say about that. First off, who do they Lakers think they are. They’re blatantly (and arrogantly in my opinion) keeping the poweder dry for next summer when they think they can get the best free agents on the market. Good luck to them. Also why are you signing a point guard if you drafted Lonzo Ball. George Hill isn’t sitting on the bench for no Lonzo Ball!


  • The Suns are prioritising developing young players over signing free agents (they should just release Tyson Chandler so he can play for a contender).


  • Rudy Gay met with OKC but I understand no offer was made; the clippers are also interested.


  • Rajon Rondo met with the Lakers (Please don’t sign with the Lakers); I hear the Clippers are interested (No not them either!).


I’ll round up on anything I have missed on Friday for now I’m off to watch Markelle Fultz and Jayson Taytum do battle in the Summer League.

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