Irv Gotti Made a TV Show. It’s Called Tales

Irv Gotti started a TV show. Last I heard, Irv was facing a raft of racketeering charges )the sort I haven’t heard of since prohibition in the 1930’)s. His show is called Tales. Its initial run is six episodes long and each episode is based on a classic hip hop song. He talked about the show when he was on the breakfast club. I went to look for the trailer right after his breakfast club interview and all I saw was a lot of shooting and gang banging.

I checked out episode 1 yesterday and it actually isn’t half bad. Episode 1 is based on NWA’s “F@#k the Police”. In the episode Irv flips the narrative. All the black people are rich and it’s the white folk that live in the hood (called the “jungle”). White people are marginalised and they need passes and ID to be able to go the nicer areas of town.

The episode is really about police brutality and black cops oppressing unarmed white people (similar but not similar to shots fired if you get what I mean). Said black cops are also acquitted when the case goes to trial and towards the end of the episode when the verdict is announced, it is the white people that go on a rampage and riot against the police (92 LA Riots maybe?). During the riots, there was a depiction of black police officers beating a White guy in 1991 (reverse Rodney King beating?).

Honestly, my first impression was that the show was a low budget, depthless attempt and twisting the narrative but I warmed to it as it went on. I don’t know why but it really reminded me of Animal farm. You know how at the end of Animal farm, the pigs are basically human. At the end of the episode, I almost forgot that it is the black people that were playing the role of the oppressor. The crooked black cops and black elite looked white and the oppressed white people looked black (very strange).

My one gripe is that the episode was too long. I initially attempted to watch it two days ago. When I saw that it was 1 hour and 20 minutes long, I closed it and spent all of yesterday mentally preparing to watch the show. Some of the acting could have been better. I don’t blame Mr. Irv Gotti for that though, I could tell he had a very low budget. Irv Gotti even had to act! (He played a judge!) how low was this budget? The only people I recognised from the show were Boris Kodjoe who played the lawyer trying to help the poor white kids and. Pinky from next Friday was there as well (don’t know his name in real life). I also think I spotted Black Child in there as well (Black Child is famous for stabbing 50 Cent during a fight between Murder Inc and G-Unit in 2002/3/4?)

Irv Gotti says he wants to provoke conversations about how we should ignore race and focus on the bad people who do bad things. I’m not sure how many people care about Irv Gotti or how much conversation it will provoke but its worth a watch once you mentally prepare for the 1 hour 20 minute trip!

Bon Weekend!


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