They Say this is a Big Rich Town – Power S04E01 Recap (No Spoilers!)

There is something about the opening line of the Power theme song that gives me the chills! I don’t think I don’t remember getting this excited about the season premiere of any show since maybe Prison Break season 2 (by season 3, they had lost the plot). Power might be my favourite show . Whatever the creators are trying to sell, I am buying. I don’t question any moves they make on the show. I lap it all up!

Because I hate spoilers, I won’t give out any. I will however, discuss “publically” available information before the season premiered :-p. So we know Keisha (“Lala’s Character”) develops a relationship with Tommy which is understandable since the mad man killed his own girlfriend (in other words, we know Lala is not dead. Nice try Courtney Kemp, I know you toyed with the idea of killing her off. You will never convince me otherwise). I hope the creators know what they are doing because if that chemistry doesn’t come through, it might be the first sign that things aren’t perfect on the show (knowing me, I probably wouldn’t notice if the chemistry sucks anyway).

I also hate that from the trailer, I could tell that Tariq (“Ghost’s son”) was reunited with his mum and went to court for one of Ghost’s hearings (so we know Tariq isn’t dead). The actor that plays the annoying son does it so well that sometimes I feel like telling him off myself. I’m like Ghost is trying to run a club, sell drugs and keep a steady girlfriend. Tasha is trying to look for love and you are here seeking for attention. Nobody has time for you! Go to school, chase girls and inherit your trust fund. Speaking of Tasha, she’s heavily pregnant in real life, I wonder if they will write her pregnancy into the show.

Charlie Murphy is in Season 4, episode 1 – he plays a prison guard. I was surprised, happy and sad all at the same time when I saw him. I never watched him much except in Harlem Nights and one or two episodes of the Chapelle Show. It felt like the perfect way to send him off in style though. (He looked like he had been losing a lot of weight and we now know why that was. It also tells you of the strength of the man to keep pushing through in spite of what he must have been going through. RIP Charlie Murphy.

In other news, Angela Valdes is still very annoying. I can’t tell if she’s very annoying in real life or just very good at playing an annoying character. She sort of reminds me of a poor man’s j-lo. Turtle from Entourage is there doing his thing as well. You know I like it when people stay working! People need to earn a living to feed their families!

Before I wrap this up, there were no major events in episode 1 but I waited a long time for Power to come back and I don’t care. Having said that though, you can tell they are building up to something and when that happens, it will be big!

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