New Show Alert: Claws

Claws has been on my radar for about a month and it was really only on my radar because I saw a picture of Karreuche in the promotional material. Karreuche is famous for dating Chris Brown and as far as I was concerned, she didn’t have any talent. I half expected Karreuche to be a bad actress so when I pictured this post in my head, I imagined that I’d be accusing the producers of selling out by casting her to attract attention to the show.

Yeaaaaah, I overrated the Karrueche point. The show premiered on Sunday and I read an advance preview of the show on the Undefeated and Karreuche wasn’t even mentioned in the post. It focused on Nicey Nash finally getting her big break in the industry after years of slugging away in a supporting role.

That didn’t deter me. I saw episode 1 yesterday and I was watching for Karreuche. I was going to note every nuance to see how much of a natural she is. The biggest compliment I can pay her is that she blended in quite well actually. She didn’t stand out in a bad way. You know how sometimes when a rapper is cast in a movie, his performance is very textbook? Like you can tell he’s acting. I didn’t get any of that from her and apart from the first scene, I completely forgot about what she was or wasn’t doing.

Anyway, the show centres around Desna (Nicey Nash) who owns a nail salon and her possee featuring Turk’s (from Scrubs wife) (I guess she plays what I’d call a butch lady), Elsbeth Tascioni from the Good Wife/the Good Fight (fresh out of jail after doing a bid for identity theft), some white lady who’s name I don’t know (sorry nothing of note there) and Karreuche (who starts out as a bit of an outsider of the group. She filled in for Miss Tasscioni when she was doing her stretch behind bars). Desna is part nail technician and part money launderer for a guy known as Uncle Daddy! (what a name!)  played by the guy who was Hank in Breaking Bad.

Uncle Daddy owns a drug dispensary/ crack shop and I guess his money is funnelled/laundered through Desna’s salon. Desna is only in this Money Laundering game so she can get money to fund a newer salon but Uncle Daddy and his son/nephew? keep playing her. Her “gift” was supposed to be $20k but she only gets $3k. Desna is also friends with benefits/lovers with said son/nephew which adds its own layer of complications because he seems to have free will to smash other babes one of which ends up being Karreuche and that leads to something which probably sets the whole show up. (I won’t give that away).

I honestly thought I’d like the show. The previews painted an exciting picture of girl power and female bosses, independence bla bla but I didn’t really enjoy it. I’m not sure exactly why that is. It didn’t feel very exciting for me. Except for the little cliff hanger at the end, there is nothing I can say I really caught my attention. Everything seemed passive. Maybe I was distracted because I spent 2 hours in traffic trying to get home last night but it just doesn’t work. It’s never a good sign when I’m watching something and I check the timer to see how long is left and I did that more than once when I was watching this.


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