NBA Finals Game 3: Get the Brooms Out!

“Greatness is what we are on the brink of” – Nicki Minaj. I have been wrong all along. These finals have never been about Cleveland. It has been all about Golden State. More specifically, it has been about Kevin Durant (more on that later). I have gone in on all the Cavs rotation players like they could really have made a difference “they never stood half a chance like Siamese twins” – Ludacris. (Deron Williams has scored 0 points from games 1 – 3. Just putting that out there)

By all accounts, the Cavs fell apart in the 3rd quarters of games 1 and 2. Kyrie Irving made sure that didn’t happen this time. He hit 14 points in the third quarter and if you were watching you’d have thought Cleveland would pull this one out. Apparently Durant was well guarded through the first three quarters by a combination of Lebron, JR Smith and Richard Jefferson. If they could keep Durant quiet through quarters 1-3, they couldn’t keep him quiet in the fourth.

Everyone is talking about the last 3 or so minutes of the 4th quarter where Cleveland were ahead by 6 and Golden State (well Durant and Curry – mostly Durant) closed the game on an 11 – 0 run. The most clutch play was by Durant when the Warriors were down 2 with less than 50 seconds on the clock. He grabbed a defensive rebound and walked in to a deep ish 3 over Lebron to give Golden State their first lead since there were 3 minutes left in the 3rd quarter.

Just goes to show you can’t hold Durant down when he is in the mood. We can go on about Curry this or Draymond that. Even Klay Thompson came to the party and dropped 30 points on the Cavs but make no mistake, they know who to turn to when they need a basket. This might be Curry’s team but Durant is the star of the show.

I was reading that Durant’s performance in game 3 was a way to shut everyone who criticised his move to Golden State up. Err no. This mouth of mine is still wide open. Durant can win 10 championships for all I care. I will still go off on him for taking the easy way out.

I’ll get on to the Cavs in a second but if something doesn’t change soon, we are looking at the start of a dynasty. If Durant stays put in Golden State, all bets are off. Durant is only 28, Curry, Draymond and Klay are all around that age. These guys will be around for a long time. Since we are in the era of super teams, the only way you can beat one super team is to make another super team. We always thought you needed 3 stars to make a super team. These guys have 4 stars! You know who we have to thank for that? Not Steve Kerr, not Joe Lacob, not Bob Myers. We can thank Stephen Curry’s ankles. Remember when Curry was an unlucky sod with bad ankles who couldn’t catch a break? The Warriors gambled and gave him that $44 Million 4 year deal. That deal gave them the flexibility to offer Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and Durant Max money and even if Curry is a free agent this summer, they can exceed the cap to resign him but they can’t do that for free agents.

Where do Cleveland and the NBA go from here? Cleveland played as good as it could yesterday and when Lebron says he has never faced that kind of fire power in his career before, he has more of less given up. I’m stumped myself as to what else the Cavs can do.

I hate the idea of super teams but that’s where we are headed. You know what that means. Paul George, don’t waste your time in Indiana head to Boston or LA (Clippers). Gordon Hayward, fall in line. You too Jimmy Butler, request for a trade and head to OKC or something. Chris Paul, find your way to San Antonio maybe then will we have our selves a competitive league. For now, get the brooms out! Cleveland are going fishing!

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