Greenleaf: First Look

You know how you go to Netflix and see some shows that you haven’t heard of and skip past it because you haven’t heard of it before. Greenleaf has been staring at me in the face and over the weekend I added it to my watch list. From the poster, you could tell it was about a church but I didn’t know exactly what it had to do with the church so when I started watching the trailer, I was hoping the show would expose crooked pastors and pastors doing “debaucherous” things. I saw enough of that in the trailer to get me excited about wanting to watch the main show.

I believe the show is set in Memphis (I heard a reference to Beale Street which I originally thought was in New Orleans but apparently is in Memphis) anyway. The show starts when Grace Greenleaf (a former preacher) returns home from Phoenix for an aunt’s funeral after time away. The second she comes back, it seems like all the different things she left behind start steering her in the face.

First there is the head of security which I guess is his ex (or former friend with benefit). Said ex now has a girlfriend (played by Senegalese American actress Anna Diop who’s also in 24:Legacy – I like looking out for African actors in Hollywood) then there is the family rivalry situation. The head of the family is also the lead pastor of a church I want to say is the Calvary Church. Right when Grace comes in, they have a family dinner where the claws come out. There are siblings (and spouses) and Grace’s mum who has an uneasy relationship with Grace.

From what I can make out, there is the older brother who’s wife wants him to be the heir to “Big Daddy’s” throne meanwhile said brother is smashing a church worker (My Man!) from what I can tell, he doesn’t really care about the throne. Then there is the younger sister who wants to play a bigger role in the church but her dad wants her to stick to singing gospel and preaching in the kids church. There is the uncle who looks like a weirdo then we find out he’s a bit (maybe a lot) of a child molester. He had something to do with the Grace’s sister killing herself (my guess is he molested her and she couldn’t take the pain) hence why Grace is back in town.

Something happened in Grace’s life because she’s stopped going to church which her mum is disappointed about and wants some answers. By the way, Oprah is in it too. She play’s Grace’s aunt who runs a bar on…. Beale Street! Oprah is obviously the black sheep of the family because I guess she doesn’t hide her imperfections (she was drinking a lot, maybe she has s drinking problem?) I’m not surprised she’s in it because the show was originally on her OWN network. Oprah is actually not a bad actress. Growing up, we used to watch the colour purple all the time and Oprah played Ceilly (sp?)and was really good in it. (I think she was even nominated for an Oscar for that performance). By the way, I want on the Instagram page for her network and there are a bunch of new shows which I will be watching and posting about pretty soon might be coming your way soon.

Then there is Grace’s daughter who was snorting Ritalin with her cousin (people snort rit?). Towards the end of the episode, there was an indication that the church might have covered up some issue with its finances and of course the sermon in church that day was about finding your way home and surprise surprise, it seems like Grace is saying. This is where the fun ride starts. I’m strapped in!

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