NBA Finals Game 2: Cleveland are in a Hole!

Depending on how you look at it, things are either getting interesting or predictable. Either way, you can’t deny the facts which are that Golden State are 2-0 up and Cleveland need a miracle to remain competitive and everything is down to Kevin Durant. Cleveland still haven’t found a system that works and it is costing them.

I didn’t watch the game but from highlights and reviews, the Cavs were not as atrocious as they were in game 1 but in a series like this, being marginally better won’t cut it. Every Cavs player needs to be firing on all cylinders and Lebron can’t just be the Lebron that averages 28 or whatever points. He needs to be Super Inter Galactical Lebron for these Cavs to have a chance.

With Durant playing at such a high level and the Warriors having so many other weapons, it takes the pressure off all the other Warriors. They don’t have to perform to their optimum capacity. Klay Thompson can do whatever he likes (unfortunately for the Cavs, he felt like balling in Game 2), Draymond Green can get in foul trouble and play 25 minutes, hell even Durant played the 5 and ripped the Cavs up. The Cavs were simply at a loss for how to stop him.

Again, from the highlights, you always got the feeling that the Cavs were hanging on and it was only a matter of time before Golden State clicked in to gear. It’s that same thing in football when a team parks the bus. When the opposing team scores 1, its all over. The turning point in my estimation came in the third quarter when Draymond Green was in foul trouble and KD was playing center. He dominated the whole game and the lead balooned. KD is getting on my nerves now but he’s a hell of a player. How close is he to being the best player in the world?

On to the Cavs now. Lebron had a triple double. That’s fine. Kevin Love came through with 27 points. Kyrie was sub par a little bit. He only shot 8/23 and had 19 points. It all went down hill from there. Tristan Thompson, 8 points and 4 rebounds (meanwhile curry had 10 rebounds), Kyle Korver also had 8 points but he only took 4 shots. JR Smith and Deron Williams returned with 2 goose eggs (0 points). Apparently Iman Shumpert was aggressive on offense but that only got him 6 points on 1/6 shooting. All these guys need to step up. At least increase their performance by 10%.

I think back to last year when Cleveland were 3-1 down and dead in the water then Draymond Green decided it was a good idea to hit Lebron in the groin and everything changed from there. Lebron morphed into his dragon ball z self and took over. That’s one thing that could swing the series this year. You can always count on Draymond to do something unpredictable. We all know unpredictable can be stupid or brilliant and Draymond is capable of either. The other thing of course that could happen is an injury to a key player and we have a much more even series on our hands.

Otherwise, this thing goes to 5 games … Max

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