NBA Finals Game 1: GSW draw First Blood

Many things in the playoffs this year have gone exactly the way I imagined. Game 1 of the finals was no different. I had Golden State winning game 1. The reason was simple, They are the better team. Cleveland might have the best player in the league but it’s that thing about the sum of all parts. I’ll always pick the better team to win game 1.

Have no fear though because this is where the fun starts. I think Golden State will win but I’m rooting for Cleveland. Lebron has apparently lost 6 finals game 1’s in a row and has won the championship in 3 of those seasons. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay up to watch game 1 and I will probably not be able to watch any game live because of the insane times and days the games are played. I did OD on highlights and analysis of the game though and I think I can piece together what the keys to the game were.


Excuse me Cleveland but you can’t beat Golden State if you turn the ball over 20 times. You especially cannot beat if the entire only have 4 turnovers and Lebron alone has 8! Cleveland have to take better care of the ball. I can’t tell (because I didn’t watch the game) how many of those turnovers were because of Golden State’s tight defence or because Cleveland were making too many meaningless passes. It is clear that Cleveland have to take better care of the ball to have a chance in this series

Cleveland Interior Defence

To quote Kobe, Cleveland’s interior defence was as soft as charmin (google it if you don’t know what it is). Some how KD was slashing his way to the rim. Like he was a juggernut or something. The Cleveland defence were just parting like the red sea. I was like what is going on! They need to sort it out. I’m not sure what Tristan Thompson was doing but he needs to knock some fools out and let them know that the paint is closed for business. Remember in one of my earlier posts, I said in the playoffs, the paint is closed for business and there will be no easy baskets? Mr Thompson and the Cavs need to read that post because KD can’t be waltzing through the paint like there are no consequences

 KD the X Factor

Speaking of KD, in my previous post, I also said KD was the X factor. If the Cavs think they can beat Golden State using the same game plan from last year, they’re forgetting Harrison Barnes was a non factor in that series and for me, KD is the best player on the Warriors. Forget about Curry for a second because he can get tired if the Cavs keep attacking him on defence (like last year). KD has a wider skill set. Like I said he slashed his way to the rim at will and he can shoot from deep like the best of them. If the Cavs can’t slow KD down, this series will be over very quickly


Role Players


The difference between the Cavs and the Warriors is that the warriors have 4 all stars so no one has to do that much heavy lifting. They can take turns in lighting you up. Yesterday, KD had 38 points and Curry had 28. Watching highlights, KD could have had well over 40. He gave up some open baskets to get his team mates involved. Cleveland on the other hand have no such luxury. They acquired so many role players precisely for this reason- to give them a lift deep in the playoffs and so for this reason, Kyle Korver I’m sorry sir but you can’t have zero points that’s not why you are here. JR Smith, 3 points won’t cut it. Tristan Thompson, I know you’re not there for offence but zero points? Really 4 rebounds? – not good enough mr! Deron Williams you already know I’m not your biggest fan. Not only did you have zero points, you had one assist and 2 turnovers! I have no words for you young man.

Klay Thompson only had 6 points and went 0/5 from 3 point land but that’s something he can do when KD and Curry are balling off!

I don’t think Cleveland will be as bad in the next game. They have to figure out a way to slow Golden State down and impose their will on the game. If they can’t do that and KD is still on fire then I think we are in for a sweep!


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